BeSafe izi Plus

Rear Facing 0-25KG (0-55lb), but is not suitable for children until they can sit up unaided, so around 6 months.

Izi Plus is the newest rear facing seat from BeSafe.

Rear facing children love to sleep in cars. Izi Plus makes this very easy by having adjustable angle. The seat is adjustable in three positions so you can always find a good sleep position without head of your child falling forward.

Izi Plus is installed with seat belt and approved 0-25 kg (0-55 lbs). The Swedish rear facing seats use an anti-rebound brace or tether straps to handle the huge forces in a collision. Izi Plus is using both for extra safety. An anti-rebound brace pressed against the back seat and also tether straps to keep the seat installed tightly.

Rear facing children rarely complain about leg space but parents are often concerned. Izi Plus offers easy adjustment of leg space with the built in anti-rebound brace.

Head support of Izi Plus is large and easily adjusted. Fits well for small to large children. It provides excellent side impact protection by having EPS around head (also around stomach and hips).

Entering and exiting with your child is easy. Move harness to the side and it’s keep away by magnets.

Safety for Izi Plus is like all Swedish rear facing seats fantastic. Not only is the seat approved up to 25 kg (55 lbs) rear facing but it has also passed the ultra strict Swedish Plus Test up to 25 kg. Only four seats in the world have passed up to 25 kg and received the Plus Gold certification. plus_godknd

Fabric is machine washable and easy to remove.
• Approved 0-25 kg (0-55 lbs)
• Certified ECE R44/04
• Rear facing to around 5 years of age
• Adjustable sleep position while driving
• Large head support with excellent side impact protection
• Installation with tether straps and anti-rebound brace for extra safety
• Adjustable leg space
• Easy entering and exiting – magnets hold the harness to the side
• Fabric is machine washable


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