Car Safety Statistics & What They Mean For You

Car Safety Statistics & What They Mean For You

Safety behind the wheel should be a priority for all drivers. As wonderful as driving is, the dangers are far too real to dismiss. Therefore, appreciating the facts as well as what they mean for you, the driver, should be top of the agenda.

Here are four clear statements that should be used to influence your future driving habits. Make sure that they do, and you will get far more out of those activities. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Males Are More Likely To Die

 There’s no way to sugarcoat it; there are more male fatalities than female ones. Worryingly, this statistic is true in all age categories. Meanwhile, some pose ratios where men are three times as likely to die behind the wheel than women.

Those statistics cannot represent individual drivers. Still, they do serve as a barometer for insurance companies. So if you’re male, you will inevitably pay a higher premium, particularly when you’re new to the road. If you’re a woman, however, you should probably stick to a female only insurance firm.

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The Number Of Accidents Increases Each Year

 In many ways, driving has never been safer. The figures for crashes per car and crashes per mile driven, continue to fall each year. Due to the amplified popularity and accessibility of driving, the figures on actual crashes continues to climb.

As a responsible driver, you should take it upon yourself to appreciate the reasons for those accidents. Moreover, you must take the necessary precautions by checking seat belts, brakes, and airbags on a regular basis. Likewise, if children are in the car, you must invest in a good seat. The potential fallout of failing to do this is too big to ignore.

Injuries Aren’t Only Physical

 Most road safety statistics record fatalities and physical injuries. However, we can all appreciate that the damage doesn’t end there. Broken bones can heal, but emotional scars can last a lifetime. Moreover, the lifestyle changes enforced by both physical and mental injuries can be catastrophic.

It could leave you unable to work and unable to enjoy life. Even if you walk away from a crash without physical damage, car accident lawyers are your best bet for gaining financial justice. This will only remove one of the several problems, but it can at least soften the blow.


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The Model Of Car Matters

 Of course, you’d like to think that you’ll never be caught up in a serious crash. In reality, though, you can never be too careful. When buying a car, then, it’s not uncommon to check the IIHS safety ratings before completing a purchase. Do be warned, though, those star ratings are only related to the type of vehicle. When safety is concerned, bigger is still better.

 It’s a simple matter of physics. A bigger car is harder to tip, will often push back against a smaller car, and often has a bigger hood to cushion the blow. That’s not to say driving a bigger car suddenly makes you invincible. Nonetheless, it’s worth factoring those elements into your future purchasing decisions.