RECARO sneak peak!

After finding out that our beloved Britax Two Way Elite is from around 2006, possibly older (yupp…I got it 2nd hand! Never again….) we aren’t confident in using it any more.
We feel that because we got it 2nd hand and it being so old it just added onto a worry and questions about the seat. If the previous owner already lied on the age of the seat (which  they did) what else did they not tell us? 

I’m going to miss the seat though. I really do love the TWE as a seat. We originally bought it as an extra seat for travel, but after our ISOfix car went off the road we were forced to use it full time as our current car (Ford Mondeo) doesn’t have ISOfix. The seat kind of grew on me haha and it’s been in quite a few cars since then. 

She’s going to be missed!! 


As our other ERF seat (Joie I-Anchor) is on holiday to a friends house I was then stuck without a seat for Caitlyn Anabelle, but luck suddenly changed when my MiL decided to surprise us with a phone call.
I told her quite some time ago that we were looking into getting another seat to have in their car/and/or travel as the BeSafe isn’t the easiest to do in and out of cars (in my personal opinion) and also it was such a struggle getting it to fit in their Mondeo for some reason, I think their seat belts *shrunk* while I was trying to buckle it in….. It’s also no chance in ….. I would ever take it with me on a plane.

Anyway so I left it at that and I sort of forgot about it. This was while there was all those sales in Kiddicare all over the country as they were closing down. Sadly we live no where near any of the ones that were having the shutting down sales.  But MiL does so I was sort of hoping she would pop by there and maybe give us a ring while there, but it sort of got lost in space I guess… and we never mentioned it again…
At the time we still had the TWE so I wasn’t that bothered, and since I already have the Joie, which meant I had 3 ERF seats I thought we would be fine. haha
Make no mistake though, you just can not have too many car seats! 

So what car seat did we get? 



No it’s not ERF, but I’m actually OK with that. I took a good long while thinking about it after I got it. I sat down and I had a good think and I realised a few things. I actually now know how it feels like to not be in a situation where you can just go out and get a new seat. Our funds wouldn’t allow it at this time, and I was then given this seat. And to be frank I am really grateful. It’s an awesome seat, it’s got very good safety testing results (ADAC) and also I am OK with it because Caitlyn is all most 4 years old. I’ve been going around actually supporting the idea that she would not be safe in a forward facing car seat at this age, and that isn’t true.
She would be safer rear facing , but she is by no means unsafe correctly strapped in and in a correctly fitted forward facing car seat. And that was difficult for me to come to terms with… It really was.
A part of me is still thinking “but…but….”

Don’t get me wrong, ERF is still the safest way for our children under 4 to travel, and Henry would never ride forward facing at he’s age (unless we are in an emergency situation get the idea) and I believe that once I get my other ERF seat back, which shouldn’t be too far into the future, she will go back to rear facing, and this seat will be used exactly as was planned, as the extra seat and travel seat.

A full review of the car seat will be posted in the not too far future! 
In the mean time, do have a view of the sneak peak clip and here is a picture of my back seat as we are now. If I had a bigger car (which is on the list…) my oldest would be in a Diono Monterey2, definitely…but I don’t and since I can’t turn off the air-bag and he’s over the weight limit, I can’t put a bubble bum in the middle either…sigh… but at 10 the positive thing is that it’s mostly nit-picking from me, he normally doesn’t have a bad belt fit, it’s not perfect, but not horrible. I would feel more comfy with him on either a booster or in a HB booster, but it’s just not possible. I do have one though, booster cushion that is,  so in other cars he does use one. x







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