Serenata Flowers offers a wide range of flowers and bouquets. They are a go to site for anyone in need for birthday gifts, baby showers or a ‘get well’ present.
They also offer hampers, chocolate, wine and more, all at very good prizes! 

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Some time ago we were sent a lovely hamper of goddies from Serenata Flowers. It was just in time for Fathers day and our lovely hamper was called ‘Turn Up The Heat’ and was filled with cheese, crackers, chocolate and more.


Surprisingly to me the hamper was a big hit with the smalls as well, not only the adults he he. Especially the spicy crackers were a hit and of course the chocolate because who doesn’t love chocolate right? 

I love hampers, the basket that we received is currently my new spice rack! And has its place in the kitchen, it’s quite nice and decorative. I think that it’s important to dote on someone you love once in a while, and a small hamper with something special in that you picked I think is especially nice.

It’s also so easy, because it gets delivered either to your door or straight to the person. Having kids we all know what a trip to the local market can be like right? (this is when you knowingly nod guys… ) Ordering online is therefore less stressful. 

And now you can get a chance to pamper your self or someone else you know!

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£35 voucher from Serenata


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88 thoughts on “Serenata Flowers Hamper Review and Giveaway

  1. A chocolate hamper to share with my hubby after we have our baby any day now xx

  2. The beers of the world hamper, my partner has been working so hard would love to treat him.

  3. I would spend it on the Beer Hamper for my dad, who has been helping with lots of jobs around our home recently

  4. I’ve already started buying for Christmas, so I’d pop the voucher towards a big hamper.

  5. I would use the voucher to buy a bouquet of flowers.I love the ‘Moments’ bouquet.

  6. If I was so lucky I would treat us to the Bordeaux and Cheese Hamper, Bordeaux for hubby and I and cheese for the kids.

  7. Flowers for my Aunt who has been fighting cancer for almost a year. Be a nice suprise for her

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