WARNING! ‘Chicco Oasys i-Size’ crash test fail!

Chicco Oasys i-Size

The Group 0+ rear-facing car seat for infants: Chicco Oasys i-Size, was recently crash tested by the German consumer organisation ‘Stiftung Warentest’.

Sadly this crash test showed a severe fault with the car seat’s harness:

A quote from Stiftung Warentest reads:

The Stiftung Warentest warns against using the child seat Chicco Oasys i-Size. The i-size seat for children up to 78 centimetres in height failed in our tests in the frontal crash. On impact, the belt buckle tore out of the seat shell with the crotch belt at the front.
In an accident, the child would be thrown out of the baby carrier.

In the crash test, the plastic buckle broke, the belt loop slipped out. 
The centre bar of the buckle does not seem to withstand the jerky impact of an impact. 
This poses an acute security risk and the testers have informed the competent market surveillance authority. 
The provider has responded and wants to deliver now only revised seats.

'Chicco Oasys i-Size' baby car seat's harness BREAKS during crash testing at Stiftung Warentest!! Chicco replaces parts for free. #chicco #flyingbaby #carseatsafety #crashtesting | @warentest Tweet this now!

Chicco replaces parts for free

According to SW, Chicco has responded to this failed testing and states that the model will be revised and that the previous version is no longer on the market.

If you already own this car seat, you get the corresponding parts replaced free of charge. All you have to do is contact Chicco direct via their website.

Tip: The full test result will be published on May 21 2019, in the product finder child seats on test.de.