How To Wash Your Car Seat Covers (Infographic)

How to wash EU CaR Seat Covers INFOGRAPHIC

One of the most common questions we get sent and that I see in our groups is “how do I wash my car seat cover?”.

Now strictly (and bluntly…) speaking there is a very very simple answer to this; Read Your Manual!

Because this information along with how to take the covers off/on is always in there!

Now you might say that you lost the manual – but then I am happy to inform you that you can now download the manuals from your car seat manufacturer’s website!
So that takes care of that issue.

BUT because this is such a common question and since sometimes we are unprepared or maybe without internet – I have made a simple Infographic for you all. I hope you find it useful! Feel free to download and share.

Download Original Size:


How to wash EU CaR Seat Covers INFOGRAPHIC


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