Why a dog owner needs this tool!

Shredding tool review

Shredding tool review


A while ago we were sent a ‘deshedding tool’ from ‘Pets and More’ to review.  We selected the one for long-haired large dogs as Orion is a rather gigantic Springer Spaniel.

Normally we keep him short trimmed, he looks like a puppy once he’s finished ha ha. But I found that this tool was still really good at getting that pesky undercoat out from his back. (yes yes I know, there’s a reason he has it – being a water dog and all, but it’s so..so….*thick*!)

Short Hair Version available for dog with hair shorter than 2 inch .
Reduce Shedding by Up to 90%.
Made of Stainless Steel, it gently removes loose hair while reaching deep beneath your dog’s topcoat.
Ejector Button to remove loose hair from the tool.
Ergonomic Handle will make the dehsedding process easy and fun for you and your dog
This is guaranteed to be THE BEST deshedding tool you have ever try, or your money back.

-Pets And More –

The tool has a good nice grip in your hand, and is also made out of stainless steel (no rust!) so perfect for using in all sorts of weather..Not that I would recommend standing out in the pouring rain doing this, but you know what I mean! It’s good to know you can be near and even in water without needing to worry about anything right? 

As most of these sort of things it’s far better to see it in action, so I’ve created a small video showing you just how it works – I hope you enjoy! Orion sure did. 



puppy dog eyes
Really mum??…I wasn’t ready!





I was sent this product free of charge for purpose of this review. Thoughts & opinions are as always my own.






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