Axkid Minikid – A Toddler’s Point of View

Axkid Minikid


Went to the ICSC today to try the Axkid Minikid and to make sure it actually fitted nicely in our Ford Mondeo 2004 model.

Caitlyn Anabelle is 3,5 years old, 15kg and 104cm tall. I didn’t have a chance to measure her torso height again at this time, so I will add that later on. Being 104cm tall puts her on the 98th percentile for height!
She still has a tonne of room in the Axkid though!


You’ll have to excuse the rock…. She would just not give it up! :D hehe

I really, really like this seat. It’s very nicely padded, it’s PLUS tested, it’s got the bells and whistles of an automatic tightening system on the tethers and you can unlock the headrest so that it moves up and down with the harness. So basically when you tighten the harness, it pushes the headrest down.
That way the harness will always be in the correct position!!
She has lots of leg room as well, and since it’s lower down than the BeSafe in the shell, it’s simpler for her and Henry to get both in and out on their own.
She was really happy with the seat as well, and to be fair, she’s the one who has to travel in it hehe.


Henry is 20 months old and fitted perfectly well in the Axkid!
When tightening his harness, the headrest actually went all the way down, so he’s just tall enough to have a perfect minimum fit.



The design of the seat makes it very simple for him to get in and out on his own, he has lots of good leg room and the recline is actually quite nice in our car so I don’t think he would have a problem with a “hanging head”.

All in all, I think it’s a perfect seat and I really, really like it!

My husband is over 6 foot 4, so not a very small person at all, and he could sit just fine driving without a problem. So I can safely say that the Axkid Minikid fits wonderfully in a Ford Mondeo.