[ Our ERF Journey ] – Bev’s Story…

My ERF Journey - Bev's Story

My ERF Journey - Bev's Story


I was clueless about ERF and it’s benefits.

When my other children were small there was no such thing as ERF, we’re going back 17, 24 and 27 years! Even my first granddaughter turned FW-facing (forward facing) at around 9 months. The car seat bought by me to go in my car.

In 2015 I had a late arrival, my little miracle. I joined the Babycentre website and visited the Sept 15 birth board daily. One day when the little ones would have been 7 or so months there was a post by a lady called Ribenaberry titled: “Important information about car seats that many aren’t aware of”.

What an eye opener!! Ribenaberry didn’t have a baby born Sept 15 but is so passionate about ERF that she posts on the boards to inform and encourage mums to ERF. After reading and watching the video… I was sold. My precious baby was going to ERF when the time came!

Sal aka Ribenaberry was so helpful and answered questions after question from mums on the board. With recommendations related to the car and child size. I’m lucky enough to live within an hour drive of Rayleigh ICSC and am now the proud owner of a Britax Two Way Elite! And I now try to spread the word to friends who have little ones coming up to seat change age.

I say you can ERF from £70 there’s no excuse not to.

Here is my little one, 8 months old in his TWE at ICSC. (Next to him is his ERF Joie Steadi which we refunded due to buckle crunch and not fitting on our seats very steadily. )

Bevs Story



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