[Our ERF Journey] – Rachel’s Story…

My ERF Journey - Rachel's Story

My ERF Journey - Rachel's Story

Why is that toddler all squished?

I’ve always been the type to do research so, long before I had my kids, I had a good idea on all the best products to buy what type of nappies were best, what wipes are best etc etc. But then, I was looking at car seats and expected to see forward facing seats as the next stage up from infant.

I typed in ‘car seats’ and then I clicked on an article, which turned out to be a rear facing page. I read on and got intrigued!

What’s this about rear facing?
Why is that toddler all squished?

So many questions!

I was confused but carried on though the article. Then this video came on and I was shocked, the difference between forward facing and rear facing was shocking!

I was hooked on Rear facing from then on but, as the brand Joie wasn’t around a good 5-6 years ago, rear facing was an expensive thing – so trying to learn about it and teach people about it was hard enough. And that’s even before you mentioned the price! It was a huge part of my life and I felt like I had a responsibility to tell people about it as again it wasn’t that well know known, seeing a toddler in a rear facing seat shocked most people as it did me the first time.

Fast forward and I’m now 20 with two kids under the age of 2, both who are still rear facing and will be until they’re in college ha-ha!

I always say to parents “if you know better you’ll do better” and education is the
key to better knowledge on car seat safety.

– Rachel

Two happy rear-facers. Baby is in a Joie Tilt and her brother is in the Joie Stages.


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