Debunking Myths #2 – “Children can’t get in/out of an ERF seat!”

Debunking Myths 2

It’s time to DEBUNK another Extended Rear Facing Myth! 

On of the very popular myths of ‘ERF’ is that it’s difficult to get in and/or out of an extended rear facing car seat. I’m not sure exactly why this myth came to be – I can only assume it’s because people assume it to be difficult as it’s “the wrong way around” (though the ERF seat is actually the seat that is the correct way around. )

It’s one of the many fears brought forward in discussions on FF vs RF so I thought it would be an excellent topic to add to our ‘Debunked’ series.

Now to show you exactly how easy it is for a child to get in and out – my youngest little boy will demonstrate for you. He is 4,5 years old, but I have also posted a video of him from last year where he was only 3 years old doing the same thing, in a different seat with higher sides.

Pay close attention to the comments on this FB post – because you will see several more people explain how their own children, whom many are younger than my son, get in and out of their ‘ERF’ seat: 

This was my son last year when he was 3 years old:


So as you can see –  this is not at all hard for youngsters to accomplish!

I hope we have put your fears to rest and that this myth doesn’t play a part in any choice to forward face instead of rear facing.

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