The Joie Stages vs. Joie Every Stages

Joie Stages Vs. Every Stages

The Main Differences

What separates the Joie Stages from its bigger brother – the Every Stages is the weight limit and the fact that they each cover different groups.

The Joie Stages: Group 0+/1/2
The Joie Every Stages: Group 0+/1/2/3



Rear Facing Limit Forward Facing Harness Limit High Back Booster


0-18 KG 9-18 KG 18 – 25 KG

Every Stages

0-18 KG 9-18 KG 18 – 36 KG

So basically the Joie Stages is from birth to approximately 7 years old.
And the Joie Every Stages is from birth to approximately 12 years old.

There is also a difference in price

Joie Stages RRP: £150
Joie Every Stages RRP: £200


Harness Difference

As the two car seats accommodate two different age groups there is a difference in the harness and booster top height as well:


Name Bottom Harness Height Top Harness Height Top Headrest Height in Booster Mode
Stages 25 CM 40 CM 42.5 CM
Every Stages 24 CM 48 CM 52.5 CM

There is also a difference in how much seat belt you need to install them rear facing.  The Joie Stages can be a little difficult to install with short seat belts (see ‘short seat belt method below’).

The Joie Every Stages takes up less seat belt when installing rear facing, so you will most likely not have any issues even if your car has short seat belts. However, it’s always good to know the ‘short seat belt method’ of installing, as this method can be used on all car seats with this typical belt path (aka infant car seats). 

Both car seats come with an integrated harness system that adjusts simultaneously and with one hand. The harness also easily tucks away into the seat when it’s time to start using the booster mode.

We recommend that the car seat is used rear facing full-out (to 18kg) before you start using it as a high back booster!

The Short Seat Belt Method


shor tseat belt guide


Buy the Joie Stages

Buy the Joie Every Stages




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