Child Seat Safety: The 55cm Gap!

crash testing 55cm gap


crash testing 55cm gap


Today’s addition to the #Tipoftheday Series shows us the importance of not having our front seats too far back in the car.

I see far too many vehicles with the front seats almost in the lap of the children behind them and it’s really unsettling – because in the event of an accident – even just a full sudden STOP! This can be extremely dangerous!

Head and lower body injury is one of the most common injuries in forward facing children. Something to remember when your child is kicking your back seat!

“But what it the driver is tall and if they had the seat any closer to the dash he would hit his knees on the steering wheel and can’t press the pedals properly as the wheel is in the way??”
“Not all car seats fit all cars – so if you can not safely sit in your vehicle with that specific car seat behind you – the fit is not compatible and a different car seat should be tried.



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