About Me and The Mission


Hello everyone!

I’m a mother of 3 and my passion is to make others aware of the wide choices we have on Extended Rear-Facing car seats. Choices that according to the newest survey in the UK by Motors.co.uk too many didn’t know existed!

Since July 2015 I have been an accredited child car seat expert and I have completed the ‘Advanced Child Car Seat Training Course – CPD Accreditation’ with TRL (Transport Research Lab) and Good Egg Safety. I work with other experts in the field on a daily basis – this way I can keep up to date in this jungle we call child seats & regulations. You can also find me on many of the car seat clinics that Good Egg Safety has around the UK – checking car seats for FREE. So make sure you check when the next clinic is near you

I am also one of the expert advisers for ‘Securatot Limited‘, ‘A-Z of Rear Facing‘ & ‘Car Seat Advice for Mummies & Daddies‘ on Facebook.

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In this day and age we face so many choices as parents, but it’s important to inform parents of the safest possible choice for their child.

Too often I come across a retailer who knows nothing about extended rear-facing and the market is far too small, though a lot of this is because most retailers believe there is no market, but the fact is; there is a market! And the market is in high demand!


And these are just a FEW of the seats on the market!


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With this blog I wish to inform parents/carers/nurseries and so forth, about the many choices you have regarding in-car safety.
I hope to inspire you all to rear-face your toddler & pre-schooler as long as possible, to answer any questions you might have on the subject either by mail or by the info I give on this blog.
To make you understand, with the FACTS – why so many deaths and serious injuries can be prevented by using a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible.


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I hope you find my blog fun, interesting and informational and I hope that I just helped you secure your children the safest way possible!

I also have other passions like Natural Parenting, Co-Sleeping/Bedsharing, Extended breast-feeding, ergonomic baby carriers/wrapping and cloth nappies.



11 thoughts on “About Me and The Mission

    1. You can get seats that will fit a chid up to 55lb, which is the average 6 year old.
      The Britax Two Way Elite and the Axkid range will all usually last a child up to about 120-125cm in length.

  1. What important mission you are on! Thumbs up! I’ve been quite shocked really how much they sell forward-facing car seats in UK (I am from Scandinavia where they are pretty much non-existent). There are a few other things as well that are really important for car safety, but the seat is defo the most important one. We’ve just bought BeSafe Iziplus.

    Anyway, good work!

    1. A fellow Scandinavian! Hi!!! xx

      Britain is indeed all most 40 years behind Scandinavia I would say in incar safety. Which is a huge shame as it’s so main stream to upgrade at 9 months old to a forward facing seat just because…well…baby is 9 months. The lack of correct knowledge and correct training is a huge problem in high street retailers and I wish this was an issue that would be taken more serious. It’s not the staff’s fault they aren’t trained well enough, BUT I feel that if you are working with car seats it is your job to make sure you *know* what you are talking about and *know* about safest practice.

      I love the BeSafe izi Plus. I have it in Turquoise.

  2. Go you! Your blog is incredibly informative and the word you’re spreading is invaluable. Hope you’re well, lady.

    My 22-month old is 15kg already, so I don’t know how long we’re going to be able to keep him rear-facing. He has an enormous head too, so I would really like to do everything I can to keep him rear-facing for as long as possible. Any ideas? x

    1. I am very well. Hope you are too.

      I would urge you to buy an ERF seat that is up to 25kg. This should take care of your problem all together.

      The kids do generally slow down in weight gain, my 2,5 year old is now 15kg, but it’s holding steady for now.

      If you have a car seat that’s up to 18kg rear facing, then it might be good to start saving for the new one if budget is limited, and then once he does reach 18kg or gets too tall for his current one, you can get him a new one.

      1. You’re a star!

        Yes, will look into the 25kg seat, as I’m just not happy for his head to be forward-facing. It is for 18kg RF but is supposed to be for up to 4-year olds. He isn’t even 1 yet and has tipped 15kg. Yikes. (My food bills!)

        Fab, will look into this! x

  3. Your ERF car seat list is very useful.

    Only thing it doesn’t show is whether the seat has a detachable base.

    I’ve been looking for a belted seat *with base* for Group 1 (for use with a couple of older pre-ISOfix vehicles including a motor caravan), and after quite a bit of googling it seems that I have a choice of 2: joie iAnchor on iAnchorfix base, or Klippan Kiss2 (which your list shows as ISOFix, but manual from Kippan website shows as ISOFix or Belt).

    Have I missed any other options?

    I have been using the Maxicosi Cabriofix group 0+ rear facing with easybase 2 base which has worked very well so far but the little one will be at 13kg soon so will need to change up.

    By the time the little one is above 18kg for the seats above I probably will have at least one car with ISOfix seats which widens the choice and I could look at a cheaper belt with no base seat for the motor caravan.

    1. Is there a particular reason you need it to have a base?
      The reason I haven’t put Klippan Kiss 2 as seat belt install is because you can almost never get a good fit with seat belt, it is very prone to buckle crunch and it’s hard to get a good install, it’s mainly an isofix base where you can in some occasions use it with seat belt as an emergency really. It doesn’t have tethers ether when using belt, which we don’t like.
      The iAnchorfix base can be installed with both yes, but again how long are your buckles?

      Other seats that are known to fit in older caravan type cars is Britax Max Way, Hi Way 2, Multitech 2, Two Way Elite, Axkid Minikid. All rear facing to 25kg. And the Two Way Elite is also forward facing with harness to 25kg.
      I also know the Joie Stages fit a lot of those cars.

      1. The reason I am interested in a belted base is that I only have street parking in a city area, and I don’t drive everyday (and my wife does not drive at all).

        So I am concerned about possible theft from the vehicle, and car seats are expensive so the car seat would be worth stealing if left in the car.

        Clip-on, clip off convenience is therefore very useful–thieves are less likely to take just the base, and once the base is installed correctly it’s always correct, in a way that unbelting and rebelting the seat every trip might not be.

        That’s what I have been doing so far with the MaxiCosi Cabrofix with easybase2 and it works for me so far.

        Thanks for the tip on the Klippan Kiss2. Off to an out of town Mothercare to try out a Joie iAnchor for the car at least.

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