Travel Sickness Tips That Actually Help!

Being car sick or suffering from motion sickness is not very comfortable. In most cases, children suffer from this now and again, but some children are sadly afflicted with this no matter what. Ask your self if this was a one-time event? Was it something that happened because of something they ate maybe? Or is it something that happens on every single car journey no matter what? There is a difference between the two, so don’t panic because your child simply threw up, it happens.


Here are some tips gathered from members of the group as well as the Admin Team that we hope will help you battle the sick!


  • Make sure that you have taken off the headrest of the back seat so she can see out the back window.
  • Cover up the side windows will help in a lot of cases – by for example putting up sunscreens – plain ones that cover most of the window.
  • If she/he is reading or watching, for example, an iPad etc, take this away.
  • Limit eating before you drive off or during the drive.
  • Sea Bandz for children can be bought at any pharmacy which helps with motion sickness. There are also a vastly more expensive option for children age 6 and over (which also fits adults), but it is something to look at if the sickness is a constant problem.
  • Avoid the child looking out the side windows as much as possible – put the child in the middle of the back seat.
  • Sitting on a newspaper/brown paper bag.
  • A car seat that sits high in the car
  • Fresh air – open window etc.
  • “Quite a few people who needed glasses and when they got them their travel sickness stopped. My friend asked her optician about it and was told that when everything looks blurred from needing glasses then you move it’s even worse so often causes sickness.”
  • “We had this and we eventually discovered it was down to a cow’s milk intolerance.”
  • Sitting in the middle.
  • “ Avoid the child looking out the side windows as much as possible – put the child in the middle of the back seat. A group member said it helped when he blocked the view out of the side windows using cardboard. “
  • Put a plaster right on top of the belly button. (Strangely enough, this actually works for many many! )


Things to have in the car to help lessen the cleanup:

  • Towels/Wetwipes & a bottle of water.
  • Travel potty bags are fantastic for catching sick, absorbent and leak-proof.
  • Freezer bags that zip up at the top are great for catching and containing sick.
  • Small bottle of hand disinfectant gel.
  • Freezer shopping bags, like the ones u can buy in Lidl etc, are great as car sick bags, easy store, easy clean and most do up at the top


This list is maintained and copied from our Facebook group ‘A-Z of Rear Facing’ & ‘Car Seat Advice UK’




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