Best Tablet Holders & DVD Players for Your Car

the best tablet holders and DV players for your car

Are you going on a long trip? Summer holidays are not that far away, so I thought it was a good time to mention what kind of tablet holders for the car I recommend!

There is a great deal of them on the market – but as almost everything else made for children in the car, I only recommend the ones that are crash tested (where applicable).

Please note that there is no law in place or any actual crash testing rules in place for ‘aftermarket products’. So any product can claim to have been crash-tested, but there isn’t any standard in place that it has to pass.

Because of this, I have chosen to go with known (or maybe not know to you) manufacturers whom I know do their own crash testing of their aftermarket products either as accessories with their car seats, or using ECE-R17.

Forward Facing Travel

In this category there are three manufacturers.

  • NextBase
  • Axkid
  • BeSafe (same product for rear facing)

NextBase does two products, or actually, they do three. They have an iPad holder, but I can’t find it on sale anywhere anymore, despite it being on their website, so I’m wondering if it’s discontinued…

But over to the products we have:

The ‘Click & Go Portable DVD Player‘:

Comes in single and duo twin screens. And the product description is:

  • WORLDS ONLY CRASH TESTED AND APPROVED PORTABLE DVD PLAYER RANGE – after extensive testing, these are Europes safest range of in-car portable DVD player
  • CLICK & GO CAR HEADREST MOUNT SYSTEM – designed from the ground up this is the best in-car DVD mounting solution and is the in-car DVD choice for several car manufacturers
  • 9 INCH LED SCREEN & WIRELESS AUDIO – superior quality LED screen gives a brighter, sharper picture. Wireless audio built-in ready for Nextbase wireless headphones
  • THE BEST PORTABLE DVD PLAYER FOR CAR – designed for minimal cables in the car. Anti-skip circuitry means perfect playback. Everything you need is included for in the car or in house use.
  • MULTI REGION PORTABLE DVD PLAYER WITH USB -multi-region portable DVD ready to go straight from the box, no codes required. USB for playback of movies, music & photos.

The ‘Click&Go GoPlayer 10.1″ Display Tablet‘:

Product description:

  • NEXT GENERATION OF IN-CAR ENTERTAINMENT: Entertain the whole family on the Nextbase Go Player. The personalised interface provides plenty of choice with the option of watching movies, listening to media or enjoy online streaming for services such as Netflix, YouTube and GooglePlay.
  • LARGER 10.1″ HIGH SPEC RESOLUTION SCREEN: With a new and improved 10.1″ high spec resolution screen, your favourite media can be viewed in high quality for everyone to see.
  • BLUETOOTH REMOTE: Includes a Bluetooth remote so parents can control the system from the form, or as the passenger, you can choose the movie on the touch screen.
  • USB and SD PORTS: The Go Player has USB and SD card ports to play your own media and film library
  • CRASH TEST COMPLIANT MOUNTING SYSTEM: The mounting system is ECE-R17 crash test compliant and has a strong aluminium chassis for high quality and safe mounting.

Both of these are quite popular and I do recommend them quite a lot. Especially for parents who might already have a kick cover (or seat protector as some call it), and are just looking after something to fit on the headrest.

The good thing about the Nextbase tablet is’s a tablet and a holder. So you do get two things for one there.

Nextbase also supports wireless headphones, which I am a great supporter off. To be honest, I would be very reluctant to use wired headphones for younger children in the car, there will always be a strangulation risk, so I would advise using wireless headphones if possible.

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Wireless headphones suggestions

Nextbase does their own line, but there are some others I would recommend, though whether or not they will be compatible with your tablets or DVD players is something you will need to check.

All these wireless headphones suggestions use Bluetooth.

Adult sizes:

Child sizes:

Axkid do three different tablet holders, two of them are specifically for forward facing use, and that is the:

Axkid ‘iPad holder‘:

Axkid 'iPad holder'

Holder for iPad or other tablet. Mounted on the back of the headrest on the driver’s or passenger seat.

Axkid ‘Backseat Organizer:

Axkid 'Backseat Organizer'

Backseat organizer with Ipad holder and several storage compartments. Stores and organizes car essentials. Different sized pockets hold large and small items. Mounted on the back of the front seat. Fits with all cars, mounted with two straps.

BeSafe do one product that is both for forward and rear facing use, and that is:

BeSafe ‘Tablet and Seat Cover‘:

BeSafe 'Tablet and Seat Cover'

The BeSafe Tablet & Seat Cover provides a safe way to use tablets during journeys by being crash-tested in a severe test and featuring a smart Fidlock closing mechanism that keeps everything in place. 
Being able to adjust it in height makes it fit all kinds of vehicle seats. 

Rear Facing Travel

In this category there are also two manufacturers I recommend.

  • Axkid
  • BeSafe

These two products are the only crash tested products for rear facing that I am currently aware of. If however, you have come across a different product that is for rear-facing use and crash tested, please do leave it in a comment below so I can have a look!

Axkid ‘Seat protection premium‘:

Axkid 'Seat protection premium'

Axkid seat protection to protect your cars upholstery from wear and dirt. Thanks to the unique design this seat protection fits to seats both with and without ISOFIX. Can be mounted in front and rear seats. The seat protection have two storage compartments which you can put various things in and an iPad holder for your iPad or other tablet.

BeSafe ‘Tablet and Seat Cover‘:

BeSafe 'Tablet and Seat Cover'

This sturdy tablet holder/seat cover set can be adjusted to fit any vehicle’s seat and has even been crash-tested to ensure that everything stays put safely when in use.
The fitting is compatible with ISOFIX seats as it doesn’t obscure the vehicles ISOFIX points.

I hope my list is of use to you! There are an extreme amount of devices available online and in-store but it’s important to realise that a tablet and/or DVD screens do become very dangerous projectiles in the car should they suddenly release on impact.

This is another reason why letting your kids play on a loose tablet whilst in the car seat – is another horrible idea that can have very serious consequences.

Best to leave the tablets in their crash tested pockets and give the kids something else to do when not watching things on them.

the best tablet holders and DV players for your car
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