How To Carry Your Infant Car Seat

how to carry the infant seat

Love and behold! Yet another nifty trick I just learned which I had never even thought about, so I wanted to share it with you all just in case you also find it helpful.

Carrying the infant car seat can be heavy and does put pressure on different parts of our body – so you know how we would always try to lift correctly to avoid bodily harm, it seems the same is possible with the infant car seat.

NB! Remember the 90 minute rule!

Car seats are for use in cars and should not be used excessively outside of the car.
Also remember that baby should always be correctly clipped into the car seat whenever it is in use, even outside the car!



This type of carrying isn’t guaranteed to work on all infant car seats. But if it does work on yours I hope this made it easier for you. x


how to carry the infant seat


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