Halloween 2014 with my little monsters.





I hope you all had a nice and fun Halloween!

This year was the first year we went “Happy Halloweening” as we call it he he and the kids loved it. 

Caitlyn was a Butterfly Princess (her face was painted like a butterfly, but the face paint it self was really crap. ) Henry was a “Scary Pumpkin” he he, he had on he’s new Pumpkin tights that we won and a scary outfit, he also had face-paint on which I tried to make look like a pumpkin! ha ha
Zacharias decided to be a Zombie, so we took one of he’s school tops, put some fake blood on it, painted he’s face and put fake blood on he’s face. 


We had real fun going for a little walk around the neighbourhood and the kids got lots of treats in their little pumpkin bags. 



Did you celebrate Halloween with your family? Did your kids go out Trick or Treating?










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