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Some time ago now we were approached by ‘Ruta Ett DVD AB’ and was then introduced to a wonderful kids cartoon series called ‘Heroes of the City’. I had never heard of it before, but I jumped on the chance to review this “new” product as I thought they really went well with our believes and what we as a family like to see in kids cartoons.

Heroes of the City are an animated TV-series for preschool children about rescue vehicles in a small town where everybody gets to be a hero! The TV-series contains a lot of warmth and teaches the importance of friendship and what we can achieve by helping each other.

Moving on from that the kids loved it, and the DVD we were sent back then I think I know by heart! ha ha
And the book is still very much-loved by both of them and often read, it’s starting to look quite ‘well used’ at this point, so when I got an email asking me if I would be interested in working with them again, I immediately accepted.

Fast forward a week or so and the parcel came to our door, this has become quite a “normal” thing in the house these past few weeks, the post man having a parcel, because I’ve been doing a lot of e-bay buys and also I added to my nappy stash, so when I told the kids it was actually for them they couldn’t wait to open it, and practically clawed off the paper.

In the parcel was:

  • Beach-ball
  • DVD with HotC series 2
  • T-Shirt
  • Die Cast Car kit (we got Fiona the Fire Engine)

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sweet dreams


What’s new?

The new thing now that HotC has is a YouTube channel, they didn’t have that before, and on  the channel they have lots of episodes of HotC as well as other useful things, like the crafting show with Calamity Crow which is a fab opportunity to learn some simple crafting with the kids using utilities you mostly already have in your home, like how to make characters out of paper rolls, or our very own favourite which was making paper snow flakes!  Caitlyn is desperate to use scissors these days, so that made for a fun project.

On the city’s heroes YouTube Channel you will find 6 hours of entertainment for the younger children. The videos are high quality and are suitable for children 2-6 years. The YouTube channel is available in 18 different languages.



Other things the channel offers apart from kids crafting, is Sketch & Guess, also with Calamity Crow. This is where your child needs to guess what’s being drawn before the picture is completed. It’s not very hard, I think it’s a great concept, the kids came up with quite many funny ideas of what they thought were being drawn ha ha, so it’s good for their intellect as well as brainstorming and imagination.


It’s on every day…

We have a SmartTV, so I have a bunch of apps on the telly, as well as having apps on the DVD player and on the Xbox.

YouTube happens to be one of these ‘need to have’ apps that I have, it’s mostly playing Heroes of the City (again.. :p ) now, but it gives me a nice break from ‘Thomas Egg’ and ‘PooDough’ (yeh…*hrm* you might not want to put that in the search box…for your own sanity, it’s addictive…)

Since I work from home and with that use the only PC we currently have available and we don’t own a tablet (yet?..hmm), the telly is definitely where it happens. I might have to invest in a dual jack port thing for the telly so the little ones can have a head set each on…hehe ..yeh..the theme song is seriously addictive!


Would you like a goodie bag?

The goodie bag contains:

  • Beach-ball
  • DVD with HotC series 2
  • T-Shirt \\ Size/age:       XS /2-4          S /4-6            M /6-8           L /10-12        XL /14-16 //
  • Die Cast Car kit

Just follow the simple steps on Gleam to take part! Make sure you leave a commend with the size of the T-shirt you want.
This competition is open for world entry!

After the draw I will contact the winner and send his/her information on to the sponsor. They will stand for all shipping/cost.

Good Luck! xx

Heroes of the City – Goodie Bag

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