How To Add a Splash Of Colour To Your Photos

PhotoJet Pinterest

Using an Online Photo Editor 

FotoJet is an online Photo Editor which allows you to edit your photos straight from the browser window. No installation necessary!

As a blogger, edition photos is a part-time job. It goes with the gig, and finding a photo editor that works for you and is also free to use – can be a bit of a jungle. Personally, I have used Canva and PicMonkey and now I had the chance to review a new photo editor on the market called FotoJet.

For this review, I decided to use a function called “Splash of Colour” because it’s one of the features I really liked best with this editor. Canva, which I would normally use, has this feature as well, but I’m happy to say I got along with PhotJet’s version far better.

Disclosure: During this review, FotoJet will be compared to Canva, as that is the editor I would normally use and it made the most sense to compare it to something familiar. All edits on photos made for this post was made in PhotoJet. I have been gifted a free Premium Account with FotoJet for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts and opinions are – as always – honest and my own. 

PhotoJet Pinterest

What Does FotoJet Let You Do?

When you open the website you are met with 3 options:

  • Edit Your Photo
  • Create a Design
  • Make a Collage

Edit Photo is very much exactly what it says on the box. You upload your photo(s) and play around with editing said photo. In this review, I used the “Color Splash” option.



The FotoJet Sidebar with all your ‘Edit Photo’ options.


Colour Splash
Using the colour splash option.



Before and After using the colour splash option.


Create a Design is also very much in the name. There are several finished templates to work with such as:

FotoJet’s ‘Create a Design’ templates. You can also create your “Custom Size” – though some are only available for FotoJet Plus – the paid feature.


Make a Collage lets you create ‘side by side’ images. How many images varies depending on what layout you choose and there are plenty of different Grids to choose from:

Create a Collage

Create a Collage

I used a normal side to side grid. I was able to choose ‘Spacing’, roundness as well as text and background. Different Clipart is also available.


It was very simple to upload images (right-hand side). You are also able to change the size of the grids by simply dragging the borders back/forth or up/down.  :)


End Result:

PhotoJet Pinterest
Pin Me!


As an end result, I took the edited photo and made use of the ‘Pinterest Graphic’ design.
Please feel free to PIN the graphic if you found this review helpful!


Last Thoughts:


– Free to use
– Simple to use
– Offers a fair amount of design choices


-Text option was not always working properly
– Unable to use ‘custom size’ unless you have PRO version ($ 4.99USD per/month)