An Important Learning Tool: Puzzle Games



When we look at puzzles we don’t give much thought as to why they are a very important learning tool for kids. At least I never really did. It wasn’t until I had a chance to review a new puzzle app for kids that I took some time to read about it. I have always thought learning apps are important and as such our tablet is full of educational stuff, but I never thought much about puzzles.

I wish I would have thought about it much earlier now that I know more about the importance of them though!

Puzzles allow children to learn that a whole is made of parts. It develops hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. It builds visual-perceptual skills, and also develops attention, concentration and thinking skills such as recognising, remembering, matching, sorting and problem solving.

All in all such a small game can give your child so much learning all in one. The benefits are good, but particularly important if you have a child who was for example premature or had another hard start in life. My daughter was premature and though it’s not always the case – we do sometimes not really spot it until they start school. That they might be a little behind their peers because they started a life outside the womb too early. We are blessed however by the fact that she seems to be doing very well, but we have had cases where we have been approached because of some minor issues and the fact that she was premature has been brought up.


No more lost pieces…

Like I’m sure a lot of other mums and dads can relate to – puzzle pieces tend to either break or get lost. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to find pieces or had to pick up pieces all over the house only to discover that something is still missing!! It’s very frustrating not to mention my kids having a fit because they can’t finish the puzzle as a piece is missing hehe.

To solve that problem I would like to recommend an app to you all!

It’s called : Puzzle Games For Kids

It’s completely FREE. And you can download it from the google app store.

What’s more is that you can also access it online from their website:

There are several nice jigsaws available to try.


App front page. Lots of different puzzle sizes to choose from and different puzzles to do.
App front page. Lots of different puzzle sizes to choose from and different puzzles to do.


Henry’s favourites!

Henry’s 4 years old and these were his favourites. We found that 4×4 is a little bit hard for him and 5×5 is even hard for my 6-year-old hehe. But he was very comfortable doing the 2×3. The smallest one is the 2×2 which is perfect for a toddler it was far too simple for Henry.








Caitiebelle’s favourites!


2×4 ball puzzle fun! Look at that concentration!


2×3 puzzle game fun!

The kids working together to solve the puzzle. It’s great to see! Also the game has fun sounds so make sure you have the sound on when your little one is playing!


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Do you play with jigsaws and puzzles with your kids? Is this app something you would consider downloading for your children?


*We were offered Puzzle Games For Kids to review by . All thoughts and opinions are my own.*