It’s not your fault! You didn’t know…

What matters is this- What will you do now-

It’s not your fault you didn’t know. But now that you do know, what will you do about it?

That’s the question I find myself asking a lot of parents, carers, childminders and more. What are you going to do with the information you have been given?
You didn’t know some of it, maybe you didn’t know any of it, and that’s OK. You can’t help what you don’t know. You can’t help that you were not told, or that you were told something completely wrong. That’s not your fault.

What matters is this: What will you do now?


You now have the information, you have learned something new. I have done my part. It is time for you to do yours.

Below is a series of videos I have compiled. I hope they help you and I hope you learned something new, but most of all I hope you already knew it and that you are actively spreading the information because it will save a life.

Information is key. Knowledge is power. Together we make a difference.


#tipoftheday shoulderlapbelt


#tipoftheday headrest



Quote from above video that is in Norwegian:

How much can you take?

“A little slack in the seat belt can give fatal consequences. Remember to tighten the seat belt across the hips and across the shoulder. Just a small gap can increase the impact in a sudden stop by several hundred kg.”

How much can you take? How much can your child take? Let’s not find out! Tighten those seatbelts!!


Henry’s seat is a BeSafe izi Plus.