ISOfix vs. ISOfit? The mind boggles…

It’s one of those questions that we all ponder on from time to time, isn’t it? Why is it that a child can only use a regular car seat with a harness up to “18kg” (most commonly on ISOfix car seats) but she’s perfectly OK to go into a high back booster that also has “isofix”? ISOfix has a max weight of 33kg for child + car seat – surely that is still the case on a high back booster?

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The answer is actually NO – that’s not the case on high back boosters.

Why? It’s very simple and it’s explained very well by Britax UK:

ISOFIX and ISOFIT are child safety seats that are attached to the vehicle body with connectors.  With ISOFIX seats, the child is secured by means of a five point safety harness; with ISOFIT by means of the vehicle’s 3 point seat belt.  An additional distinguishing feature is the classification of the child safety seat.  The ISOFIX description is used for Group 0+ and 1, and the ISOFIT description for Group 2/3.


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I hope the explanation was easy to understand and helped you.

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