Messy-play with sensory fun!



It’s important to take a step back and let the kids just do their own thing from time to time. Kids love messy play and to just make a mess don’t they? haha
What better way then to just set them up outside in the garden on a sunny day with some toys, pot’n pans, a large plastic crate, water and stirring equipment! Oh and of course, in our case, pasta right from the bag! 


This weeks word is



simply because time is running out to find a new house. I have about two more weeks left and I’m really feeling the pressure. It doesn’t help that we are pretty much only able to view houses on a Saturday, and ofc hubby is working this whole weekend! There is a dream house I really really desperately want, but atm it’s very unclear whether or not it’s possible.
I truly hope next week’s word is a better one!! 


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Q// What’s your kids favourite sensory messy play activity to do?