Christmas Gifts That Save Lives!



Christmas Gifts that save lives!

I’ve put together a gift suggestion list of things that I consider to either be essential or very good to have in the car now that it’s cold, and also on a day to day basis, some are helpful and not necessary for everyone, I for example don’t have a DVD player simply because I don’t need one, but I know other’s might want one and I thought best to name the only one that is actually crash tested.

I’ll go through the list one step at a time, starting with the ERF seat.



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Extended Rear Facing Car Seat

One of the most essential things to own! Rear facing is the safest way for your child to travel, especially for children under the age of 4 years old. Some seats are more expensive than others, but they will all serve the same purpose, and if used rear facing, they will all perform similar, and they will all be safer than forward facing seats.

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Friends and family can chip in making it not so expensive any more!

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Morrck Car Seat Hoodie

 Made from one layer of anti-pil breathable fleece and one layer of 100% cotton jersey, the All Season Baby Hoodie travel blanket is universally useful for all  car seat and push chair/pram travel -across all our seasons of unpredictable weather The All Season Baby Hoodie is available in size 1 (0 – 6 months) and size 2 (5 – 18 months), with a  few  colourways also available in size 3 (18 months – 4 years).


Reasons you’ll love the Baby Hoodie Travel Wrap:

> Quick & Easy Travelling. No struggling with outdoor clothing, simply wrap over indoor clothing and run
> Car Seat Safety. Harness straps fit baby securely, not his outdoor clothing
> Tested for car seat safety. The Morrck Baby Hoodie Travel Wrap meets the ECE R44.04 standard.
> Versatile. Great for car seats, pushchairs, bouncy or swing chairs and shopping trolleys
> Easy Temperature Control. Simply wrap and unwrap, leave baby to sleep undisturbed at a comfortable temperature
> Comfortable. No bulky coats or snowsuits that constantly need taking on and off and prevent harness straps from being tightened correctly
> Great Quality & Value. Made in the UK to high standard

All around I just can’t recommend this enough, especially now in winter!


5-Point-Plus Anti Escape System

It comes in two sizes, 15-30 months and 30 months – 4 years. This is aimed specifically towards the children who take their arms out of the harness, the little Houdinis hehe. The 5-Point-Plus prevents your child from wriggling his arms out of the harness because it covers up around the stomach area. This device is super easy to install, and doesn’t hinder taking the child out of the seat in one motion. And to make it even better, it meets ECE R44.04 standard and testing.




Fleece Suits

Fleece suits are really good for the car seat. They are warm and snugly, at the same time they don’t compromise the harness fitment so it’s perfectly safe to use in the car seat. On especially cold days, add a blanket.


Random Fleece Suit
Random Fleece Suit



Knitted Jumpers/Onesies

As with the fleece suits using knitted wear is also very warm AND safe in the car seat. An added bonus is that it’s home made which I particularly like hehe. The picture shows Henry wearing a knitted jumper in the “Marius” pattern, particularly popular in Norway.  I have always loved knitted stuff, so I put that on the Christmas list every year hehe.

Knitted jumpers/suits


Car Seat Mat/Kick Mat

If you’re struggling with muddy shoes, renting/borrowing a car, or just generally feel the need to use a ‘kick’ mat, the Diono one is quite nice and sturdy. It doesn’t rip easy (which is a common problem in kick mats) making it a good choice.

Note: You can also make  your own by using a towel or an apron!



Rear Facing Mirror

One of the most common fears for parents who are new to ERF is that they can’t see the child, so I have put up this extra large mirror from ‘Streetwise’ as a good gift.

It secures safely to the back seat headrest and it does rotate so you can change the angle. It’s one of the largest ones on the market, and I find it to be the very best one.


Extra large mirror from Streetwise


Nextbase Click’n Go DVD Player

DVD players are very popular in the car, but did you know that  this is  the only one on the market that is actually crash tested? This makes it a one of a kind, and also the safest one. The Click and Go is mounted to the headrest using metal plates, it’s completely cable free and has a wireless headset!  Definitely a player that goes on the Christmas list and a must buy if you are looking for a DVD player for the car.


Nextbase Click'n Go DVD player.
Nextbase Click’n Go DVD player.


Assorted Children’s CDs

A must have in the car in my opinion and my children love it. We haven’t started the car yet before the back seat is yelling “GREEN BOTTLE SONG!” hehe. Long car journeys or maybe just down to the shop, or maybe your baby doesn’t like the car? An assortment of children’s song’s CD might help. Besides, it helps on the mood! hehe


Children's CD
Children’s CD


BeSafe Belt Collector Anti Escape Device 

Like the 5-Point-Plus this prevents the children from getting their arms out of the harness. It’s made out of bendable plastic and isn’t a clip more of a “slide on” device hehe. I used this very one on my daughter for a long time as she was constantly taking her arms out. I made a YouTube video showing exactly how it works. It’s available from all BeSafe retailers.

BeSafe belt collector
BeSafe belt collector



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I hope you found my list useful! Merry Christmas from us!!

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