New Car Seat From Joie! Meet ‘Every Stage’ 0+/1/2/3


Joie Every Stage
The Joie Every Stage stand at Cologne 2015. Picture used with permission from


I love how Joie never stops. There were some things about their Stages that people wanted changed, they took their consumer reports to hand and woilla, here we go!

Meet the Joie Every Stage car seat! 

Suitable from birth all the way to approx 12 years old! That’s basically the only car seat you will ever need! I am so looking forward to trying this out I can’t wait for it to get to my nearest shop.
And as can be expected by Joie, this new car seat in the range is also ‘Extended Rear Facing’ to 18 kg, making it 0+/1 rear facing car seat. Unlike it’s big (or is it now little?) brother the Joie Stages, this car seat is a high back booster all the way up to 36 kg, where as it’s brother is up to 25 kg, so that’s a total of 11 extra kg!


Available in 4 colours: Salsa, Eclipse, Two Tone Black & Urban
Available in 4 colours: Salsa, Eclipse, Two Tone Black & Urban



What’s the difference between the Every Stage and the Stages?

It’s the one questions isn’t it? Because they do seem very similar right? Well… it’s like  this:

  • Now sports a 4 piece insert, which allows for great tailoring to suit small infants.
  • Pop out Guard surround feature added to further enhance side impact protection
  • Blue belt locking clamp built into belt path for quicker and easier install(same simple belt path as Stages)
  • Visible cut out to emphasize steel reinforcement on side of seat shell
  • Greater recline angle in rear facing mode
  • Use of all 4 positions for forward facing use in groups 1, 2 and even group 3. (Must still be used on max recline position. 5 when rear facing)


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What makes the Every Stage such an affordable car seat?

The Joie Every Stage is £200 and lasts from birth to approx. 12 years old. That’s around £1.40 a month if you use if from birth. Even if you used the seat from Group 1, say 1-year-old to 12 years old that would still make is extremely affordable at only £1.50 a month.

Despite its long age range, it doesn’t actually take up any more room in the car compared to the Stages. Which means that the cabin space is the same (Approx 77-­‐83cm required).
It also uses far less seat belt than the Stages, which really did surprise me! A whole 16.5 cm less belt is required than the Stages when installed in rear facing mode. Perfect for Volvo/Ford etc.





The new Joie Every Stage is expected to be available at the end of the year (December? 2015) and will cost £200.

What do you think of this new seat? Is it something you would think to buy? :)