Rear Facing and Its Benefits! Information Trifold Brochure Download (PDF)

Rear Facing and Its Benefits! Information Trifold Leaflet

I’ve long been thinking about making this trifold info brochure, but I’ve just never gotten around to it. Today I finally sat down and created it and I must say that I’m quite happy with the result!

I hope this is of use to you all.

Please feel free to [DOWNLOAD] coloured version or [DOWNLOAD] black and white version, print and share it with anyone you feel could benefit.

I would encourage anyone who runs little groups of some kind to also print a few up and hand out as well as any baby centres to have some laying about, possibly hang up on your wall?

Also perfect for nurseries, childminders, schools and so forth. Pretty much anyone who works with kids or in a setting for kids!

It really does help in spreading the very important extended rear facing message!

trifold leaflet download
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