The Rear Facing Car Seat – Install Tips Video

Following on from my previous post about Forward Facing car seat install tips, here is the Rear Facing car seat install tips post. 

Fitting Errors

As parents, there are so many things we hope he has done right, and among those things, the car seat is maybe one of the most important things, as it’s going to work as a potentially life-saving device. However, it will only work correctly and do its job correctly, if it’s installed correctly and the child is installed correctly in the seat.

Car seat fitting errors are still very-very high, from 2010-2014  54% of car seats were found to be incorrectly fitted at Good Egg Safety’s car seat check clinics across the UK, and 0 were fitted wrong on purpose! 

Video Tips

What follows are my tips on how to get a good car seat install on your rear-facing car seat. I hope you find them useful, but I can’t stress enough the importance of reading your car seat manual fully and completely before you start your car seat install!!
Not all car seats fit all cars, and not all car seats are fitted the same way.

For more information about extended rear facing and why it’s the safest car seat for your child, and yes that means you buy an ‘ERF’ car seat after the infant carrier, have a look at the top bar on my blog, there is a lot of info located there. You will also find several retailers on this website

In the above video, the car seat is not an extended rear facing one, but the tips are still the same even if the install is different. There are still some seats that do install this way, like the Joie range of car seats.

The below video shows our BeSafe izi Plus installed, it’s just a quick video to show a typical ‘ERF’ seat,  though the izi Plus is a beast of a seat there are others that are far slimmer and more compact, including other seats in the BeSafe range. 


Have a look at my list of ‘ERF Seats & Prices’ and if you are on a tight budget I recommend having a look at my list of ‘The Cheaper Car Seats’.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you with more tips and tricks soon! :D 




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