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Time flies so fast! Henry was about 3 months here I think, I remember it clearly. We were on our way  down to see my husbot’s mother in Slough, and on the way down we noticed that Henry was having difficulty breathing. The infant seat we were using (which I had also used for CA) had a too steep angle and because he was so young his upper body and head was flopping forward causing him  to wheeze when breathing. Not good at all. When I think about it I seem to remember that I didn’t actually have all the proper inserts in it that I had with CA in it. I looked at one last time I was at Toys R Us and it’s got like 3 inserts, I think I only used the head hugger. 

I remember trying all sorts of things, this was before I was as knowledgeable as I am now, I didn’t for example know that putting other things in the car seat behind him would make it unsafe, so I  tried to roll up something to put under his bum to push him up, but that didn’t help either. In the end we spotted a Toys R Us in Luton and stopped there for a new seat. There was no way Stephen was going to allow Henry to stay in the infant carrier we used any longer.

The car seat we ended up with was a 0+/1 car seat called Britax First Class Plus. It rear faces to 13 kg   which is the same as the infant carrier he had (A Graco Junior) but because it’s still got the normal group 1 shell, the children usually lasts until about 2 years old in it, often as long as 2,5. It’s outgrown in hight rear facing though when the head reaches the top of the shell (the same as the infant car seats).

To this day it’s in my opinion one of the best 0+/1 car seats available. The infant cushion you can see right behind his head, is so nice and the recline of the car seat along with the infant cushion makes the recline for a newborn absolutely perfect! Once he got into the seat we saw a complete turnaround, his breathing was completely normal and he was really nicely reclined. The newborn insert is mandatory up to 8 kg, but can be used longer if necessary.

Every time I talk about newborn car seats with Stephen he always mentions this seat. It has a special meaning to him because of what happened. 


Design G