Summer Car Care Hacks [Guest Post]

Summer car care hacks using household product

Stock from Pixabay.
Stock from Pixabay.

You love summer and you love your car, but you are worried about what one might do to the other? Summer does not only bring a number of cleaning problems to a car, but it also makes it hard to get them cleaned. No one likes spending time in their hot car with chemical cleaning products, breathing them in and making themselves feel sick.


Well, luckily for you there are a number of ways you can keep your car rather clean in the summer without having to use those chemical-induced car cleaning products, all you are going to need are a few simple household products.

If your car’s air freshener has a strong smell and its making you feel sick in the hot summer days, but you cannot leave your car without an air freshener, there is something else that you can do without making your life harder.

You can use a piece of cloth and make it like a tiny purse and fill it with baking soda. And use it to absorb bad smells. It will be efficient in not letting your car get stinky, and will not make you sick with some strong smell. You could add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice, to give it a light scent, but just enough to smell nice when you are close to it and not make you sick.

And since baking soda has many uses, you can also use it to deodorise your car seats. Yep. Sprinkle some on the upholstery and leave it for a good 20 min, then vacuum.

Your car seats have ice cream stains on them? Do not worry! Use vinegar to get them out. Use a cloth and vinegar to dab the stains, then rinse with another damp cloth. The smell of vinegar will wear off quickly, and your car will be fresh and clean once again.

You hate scrubbing your leather upholstery with that pungent smelling cleaning product? Well, DeluxeCleaners Shepherds Bush provides the most efficient cleaning hack. You just have to go into your laundry room and find a gel laundry detergent (if your leather is black look for a detergent for dark colours). Use a cloth and apply a small amount of the detergent to the leather and clean it with circular motions. The dirt and soil will be gone from the leather’s cracks, without damaging it and with a very safe laundry product. Clean the detergent quickly when you are done with a damp cloth.

For your dash, what you can do is mix some olive oil and lemon juice. Use microfiber cloth to and a few drops of the solution to clean and polish your dash-board.

You know how after a quick summer rain, your car dries and gets all stained, and has water marks on it. Well that is because you let it air dry. Always make sure to dry your car after you have washed it, or it has rained.

One way to clean your wind-shield after a rain, or just some accidental dirt on it, you can use a simple can of coke to fizz the dirt away. Put a towel at the bottom of the wind-shield to protect your car’s paint, and pour the can on the glass. It will fizz and loosen the dirt and erase water marks and streaks. Then quickly clean it with a damp cloth to prevent sticky traces.


Psst, hey! You want to know another small cleaning trick for your car? You can use nail polish to cover up tiny marks and scratches. Sure it won’t help with bigger ones, but small ones will be taken care of until you find the proper place to get your car fixed.


Guest Post by Ellie Price