The ‘BeSafe Izi Plus’ – A Toddler’s Point of View!

Following on from my previous post on the BeSafe Izi Plus here comes my complete review of it , with pictures, from a Toddler’s point of view.



The BeSafe Izi Plus is a ‘rear facing only’ car seat that is installed with seat belt, and can be used until the  child reaches 25KG (55lb). It has no minimum weight limit, unlike a lot of other Group 1 car seats who have a 9Kg minimum weight limit.

The car seat is the first in the Izi family to have  this nice high weight limit, and it can easily fit a 5 year old. I also know of a couple of 6 year olds who still fit!
As with any Group 1/2 car seat, it is also outgrown if the tip of your child’s ears reach the top of the shell, or in this case, the top of the headrest.

The Izi Plus is has also got a slightly higher position for the head rest, to accommodate a 25KG child (i.e. the average 6 year old.)


BeSafe has also improved the recline function!

The seat has 3 recline positions, but they are further spaced out then it’s sister seats; the Combi and Kid, and at it’s max recline, is far better reclined. If you have a small person who is like mine, a good car sleeper, then this is absolutely a good plus!


Like the sister seats, the Izi Plus has an ‘anti rebound bar’. It does however look a bit different then the Izi Combi’s. It has a cute little cover on it, but it’s a pure cosmetic change. hehe

Another thing that is quite different with the Plus, is that it is both ‘tethered’ and has a ‘foot prop’!
It is also installed with a ‘locking clip’ for the seatbelt.


The tethers are installed by threading them through the little ‘anchor points’ in the bottom of the car. If  your car doesn’t have these, you can use the back of the front seat in stead.

The ‘locking clip’ for the seatbelt (as show on picture) is clipped on the belt (exactly where you see it above) to prevent the belt from sliding and making the install loose over time.
The clip needs to be installed closest to the door where the shoulder belt goes up, always.


The ‘foot prop’ is quite different on the Izi Plus. A very good change in my honest opinion. It’s easier to adjust, it is not so broad, and it has the nice green indicators to show you it is correctly propped down! Very important.
I also feel it takes up less room…

All in all I think it’s a fab seat! It doesn’t hurt that it comes in nine different colour choices either ofc… for those that care about such things… i.e. ME! Hehehe, but looking at it from what really matters, which is the safety, I am incredibly happy with our choice. It’s not only lush, but Henry just looks so comfy. He sleeps so well in it, there is not one problem with head hanging down, he has tons of room to grow, BeSafe in general has excellent room for children’s legs, and with the use of a mirror, I can see them at all times.


Oh yes, and I have this sticker in my back window for all to see! haha
Will be getting two more.
So far a couple of people have stopped to have a look. I think that if I have the sticker in the rear window, people will read it while in the cue, because we always do! haha
And they will at least have a little info on why my kids are sitting in the back staring at you giggling!