Following on from my previous post on the BeSafe Izi Plus here comes my complete review of it , with pictures, from a Toddler’s point of view.



The BeSafe Izi Plus is a ‘rear facing only’ car seat that is installed with seat belt, and can be used until the  child reaches 25KG (55lb). It has no minimum weight limit, unlike a lot of other Group 1 car seats who have a 9Kg minimum weight limit.

The car seat is the first in the Izi family to have  this nice high weight limit, and it can easily fit a 5 year old. I also know of a couple of 6 year olds who still fit!
As with any Group 1/2 car seat, it is also outgrown if the tip of your child’s ears reach the top of the shell, or in this case, the top of the headrest.

The Izi Plus is has also got a slightly higher position for the head rest, to accommodate a 25KG child (i.e. the average 6 year old.)


BeSafe has also improved the recline function!

The seat has 3 recline positions, but they are further spaced out then it’s sister seats; the Combi and Kid, and at it’s max recline, is far better reclined. If you have a small person who is like mine, a good car sleeper, then this is absolutely a good plus!


Like the sister seats, the Izi Plus has an ‘anti rebound bar’. It does however look a bit different then the Izi Combi’s. It has a cute little cover on it, but it’s a pure cosmetic change. hehe

Another thing that is quite different with the Plus, is that it is both ‘tethered’ and has a ‘foot prop’!
It is also installed with a ‘locking clip’ for the seatbelt.


The tethers are installed by threading them through the little ‘anchor points’ in the bottom of the car. If  your car doesn’t have these, you can use the back of the front seat in stead.

The ‘locking clip’ for the seatbelt (as show on picture) is clipped on the belt (exactly where you see it above) to prevent the belt from sliding and making the install loose over time.
The clip needs to be installed closest to the door where the shoulder belt goes up, always.


The ‘foot prop’ is quite different on the Izi Plus. A very good change in my honest opinion. It’s easier to adjust, it is not so broad, and it has the nice green indicators to show you it is correctly propped down! Very important.
I also feel it takes up less room…

All in all I think it’s a fab seat! It doesn’t hurt that it comes in nine different colour choices either ofc… for those that care about such things… i.e. ME! Hehehe, but looking at it from what really matters, which is the safety, I am incredibly happy with our choice. It’s not only lush, but Henry just looks so comfy. He sleeps so well in it, there is not one problem with head hanging down, he has tons of room to grow, BeSafe in general has excellent room for children’s legs, and with the use of a mirror, I can see them at all times.


Oh yes, and I have this sticker in my back window for all to see! haha
Will be getting two more.
So far a couple of people have stopped to have a look. I think that if I have the sticker in the rear window, people will read it while in the cue, because we always do! haha
And they will at least have a little info on why my kids are sitting in the back staring at you giggling!


Therese has completed the ‘Advanced Child Car Seat Training Course’ at TRL (Transport Research Lab) and is a CPD accredited car seat expert. She blogs about in-car safety, car seats, tips, reviews, give-aways and advice. She’s a mum on a mission to change the law and raise awareness. She is also a breast feeding advocate and gentle parenting promoter who loves cloth nappies, baby-wearing, BLW and co-sleeping/bed-sharing.

22 thoughts on “The ‘BeSafe Izi Plus’ – A Toddler’s Point of View!

  1. Hi! great review! this seat looks amazing, but I would like to know how big the back seat (to the back of the front seat) needs to be to fit this? and how wide is the seat? I’m unable to test whether my car can fit it as I live overseas, I want to buy it on my coming trip to the UK. Thanks!

  2. Hi there, loving your blog & this review!
    We have a Be Safe Izi Combi which we have found fab, but despite our son actually only being 22 months old he is very tall & has lead for bones thus making him almost 18kg & his shoulders higher than the shoulder straps max height! We are therefore looking for the next option and have considered the Plus especially because it remains a 5 point harness (unlike many others).
    Part of us is questioning if going to 25kg is enough longevity and if 36kg would last him better but we can’t find any suppliers and feel a little confused by all these options.
    We would truly love to hear your opinion and & advise! Thanks in advance

    • Hello Felicity! Thank you so much for such wonderful feedback.
      Wow your son really is a large boy then. It sounds like he is blessed with a long torso hehe, or rather a little cursed as it would be in the car seat world. Hehe
      I would actually recommend the Axkid Minikid for him. It is rear facing to 25kg and it is also the 2nd tallest seat on the market, only beaten a tiny bit by the Britax Two Way Elite. I’m recommending the Axkid though because it is a newer seat. Both Exelent though so you should have a try and see which one fits better in your car and fits your son best.
      I love our Plus, but because he is so tall I think that it wouldbe better to get the tallest line of seats for him. After he grows out of one of those, which hopefully won’t be until 5 (on avrage they can fit a 6+ year old)then you move him to a booster seat and those are the ones that has 36 kg on them. they are safe to use over that kg though.

      I hope this info is of some use to you! You can find retailers in the retail section and also in the links on the right side of the blog. I don’t have *all* retailers though so if you by any chance have a local shop I haven’t listed that sells `extended rear facing` car seats, please let me know and I’ll add.
      To buy Axkid you need a specialist shop and the Britax TWE is only sold by the ICSC (in car safety centre).

  3. HI,
    Thank you for sharing that info and promoting the ERF
    I have a question to ask, if you dont mind
    Recently have purchased the BSafe izi plus seat, although am not sure whether the headrest is working properly (hope it does!). Does the headrest in the seat you have sits still after adjusting the height or does it ‘ tilt’ to the front when you touch it from behind? (it does happen in mine in any height level and i dont need to apply much pressure for it to tilt). I hope you understand what i meant: there is a ‘spring thing’ in the place where the hrest bends at the base when you need to tilt it forward to be able to reach the adjusting handle. in my carseat it seems rather flexible to the point that it easilly gives when the headrest is touched from the back and I now wonder whether it is with all the Plus seats or whether we bought a faulty one…
    would be very obliged for information what you find in your carseat.
    with regards

    • What you describe is normal with the head rest. It is that flexible so that you can easily get your hand behind to get the straps on the cover off. As long as the headrest itself is not moving up and down without you pulling the handle, you’re good.

      • Hi Marina!

        Sadly I am not an ERF retailer, only an informed mum and blogger who seeks to inform others of this.
        I can recommend and for you. They both send out of the country.

      • Thank you for a quick reply. In the comments of the photos on your blog it’s said that you sell some seats.
        In Russia RF after 1 year is not a practice. Front facing seats are sold starting from group 0. Your example is encouraging. I’ll try to inform russian speaking parents on ERF.

  4. Hi, great review!!!
    Some qestion on this seat:is the Besafe iZi Plus considered a correct choice for a chilld that is over the 100 centile for its weight and heigh, at the age of 9 months? Until which age can this seat be used (as a prediction)? My plans is to have the child rear facing until 4-5 years old! May be the Minikid is a better option? What is your opinion?

    • Hi Pan! The izi Plus is an excellent choice, especially for a young baby. It will keep bubbs rear facing to approximately 5 years old. The Axkid seats are also brill, but far too upright for young toddlers who tend to sleep a lot in the car. The best advice I can give is to test both in your car and see which one is better for your child. Has baby fully outgrown the infant seat? What seat us baby currently in? The seat is not outgrown until the top of the head reaches the top of the shell or baby is 13 kg. (In an European 0+ infant seat)

      • Thanks for the advice, but … no Axkid available in stores here, so I cannot test it. Izi Plus is available and I will give a try. Currently he seats in a BeSafe Izi Go, but he hasn’t fully outgrown it but this will happen soon.

  5. Hello! How do you find the size in comparison to the combi? We drive a Nissan Qashqai and the Combi is about as large as we could comfortably manage due to a tall front passenger? Many thanks x

    • Hi Catrin.

      The izi Plus takes up about 5cm more space on full recline, so if you already have a tight fit with the Combi, I don’t think you’ll have much luck with the Plus behind that seat. You might be able to place it in the middle though. But the best thing is to actually test the seat in the car if you can do that.
      Also if your able to turn off the airbag you can place it in the front seat. That ofc means any passenger will have to ride in the back, that is how I currently have it. I have the Plus behind passanger and a Britax Two Way Elite in the front and I ride in the back.

      • Thank you! We are giving the idea of having it on the front seat some some consideration, so thank you for your quick response. Thankfully, flat back seats give us a good recline even with the combi, so this wouldn’t be a compromise at all (especially as it would get used in future as we hope to have another child).
        Thanks again x

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