Welcome To Miami! Top 9 Things To Do

If you’re soon going to be visiting Miami, you’re bound to be super excited. Here are the top 9 things you should consider doing when you’re in the area!

  1. Visit Miami Beach

Miami Beach is technically outside of the Miami municipality as it is located on an island. However, it’s well worth a visit and is popular with tourists for good reason! You can sunbathe and people watch here, and there are some beautiful buildings nearby.

Miami beach


  1. Go To Jungle Island

Jungle Island hosts daily shows – Winston Churchill even visited back in his day!


  1. Explore The Art Deco District

In the Art Deco District, you’ll see beautiful pastel buildings and enjoy some 1930s nostalgia – all very instagrammable.

  1. See Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is one of the only zoos you’ll get a feeling of a real safari. With open-air exhibits, you’ll see endangered wildlife up close! The zoo aims to make the habitats as realistic as possible for the animals.


  1. Go To The Miami Science Museum

Here you can enjoy interactive exhibits surrounding physics, biology and chemistry. Established in 1950, the museum has grown significantly and has expanded its space considerably throughout the years.


  1. View Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower was built in 1925 and played an important role of an immigration-processing centre for the many hundreds of thousands of Cuban refugees that were arriving in Miami. Today freedom tower stands as a tribute to Cuban immigration and is one of the most striking and oldest skyscrapers in southern eastern United states.


  1. Cruise Down Ocean Drive

Ocean drive is popular day and night to those who want to enjoy the skyline and scenes of Miami. Hire a car and cruise down or go for a run before heading back to your room at the renowned Blue Moon Hotel. Ocean drive is a must visit to first timers in Miami.


  1. Swim In The Venetian Pool

You’ll find the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables just outside of Miami. It is a historic aquatic facility and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The pool holds 820,000 gallons of underground spring water and in the busy spring and summer months it is emptied and refilled daily.


  1. See Everglades Public Park

Everglades public park is a unique site to see. With 1.5 million acres of swamps, sawgrass prairies, and sub-tropical jungles, Everglades National Park is one of the most unusual public parks in the USA. The park is home to 14 rare and endangered species, including the American Crocodile, the Florida Panther, and the West Indian Manatee. A large portion of the park is primitive, explored only by adventurists and researchers. However, visitors have the opportunity to walk, camp and canoe.


If you’re a first time visitor to Miami, see if you can fit the above activities into your itinerary. Of course, you can always see where the path less travelled leads you. Where will you go in Miami? Leave your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading and come back soon!