You Should NEVER Buy a Used Car Seat!!

do not buy!


This is extremely important to know. I am well aware that at times, money just doesn’t go very far and that many families struggle and any car seat would then be better than no car seat, but a car seat you have no idea about the history of? That is not something you want, because that is simply not safe.

We are often drawn to things because of a low price, but is twenty quid less really that much in the long run? Wouldn’t it be better to finance, ask for a loan or let any family and friends know that for baby’s first birthday you would like a donation towards a car seat?
After all most infant car seats do last at least a year and most people change car seat towards the bigger model simply because of the child’s age, not because it is actually outgrown. It is therefore best to always use the car seats until they are fully outgrown, and not because your baby or child has reached a minimum law requirement.

For every jump up in car seat group you go, you take one step down in safety. It is something to be considered.

The car seat is one of the most important things you will ever buy your child. It’s a potentially life saving thing and deserves to have that label a bit more pronounced. Ask your selves this – are you actually comfortable putting your child’s life in the hands of a person you have never met? You know nothing about? And to put said child into a car seat when you have no knowledge of the seat’s history?

A car seat that has been in a crash doesn’t have to look like it has been in a crash. That’s the scary part.

Here is an example, these three car seats were in this car, if I washed their covers, you would have no idea they were involved in an accident!


Borrowed from:


I have one

What I am trying to say is that: You simply don’t know. And you shouldn’t risk it.

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I recently picked up a car seat just across the road from us, for free, it was just standing there at the donation container. I picked it up so that some one else wouldn’t because again, the history is not known. I took some photos of it from my investigation of the seat. The seat is only used for demos, it’s the same seat I have used in my FF install tips and RF install tips videos.

This is the car seat I have that I picked up, it all looks well doesn’t it?


But you just don’t know! Below is my video, please watch it. 



For a list of good affordable car seats when you are on a low-budget have a look at my page ‘The Cheaper Car Seats’. It’s well worth it, and just now for example the Joie Tilt and the Joie Steadi are on sale for £60 and £80. They both rear face to 18kg. Well worth a look!


If you are new to rear facing and would like to know why I am a big promoter of it, visit this website for info:



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