Black Friday at Halfords 2017! Huge Competion and Weekly Deals!

Black Friday Competition

Halfords annual ‘Black Friday Deals’ has arrived!

And every week they are adding on to their deals! It’s a perfect opportunity to get some Christmas shopping out-of-the-way!

The deals are ongoing until the big event, which is November 24th!

Black Friday Deals at Halfords
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I took a look at the current deals and being the type of person I am, I (virtually) ran over to the ‘Child Travel’ section. There wasn’t too much there for me, but I’m sure there will be more of them later!

Trunki BoostApack
Trunki BoostApack

At the moment my eyes fell on a couple of items that I would like to recommend. One is the Trunki BoostApack and the other is the Ride on Suitcases which are very popular!




My daughter has a thing for Unicorns at the moment (because we all know children tends to fly from one fancy to the next!) and there is an absolutely adorable little Ride on Suitcase which happens to be a Unicorn!

Trunki Unicorn Ride on Suitcase
Trunki Una the Unicorn Ride on Suitcase


I recently bought her a beautiful Unicorn bedding, and I think the entire street heard her when she opened it up and saw what it was. haha

And today while doing shopping, we came across a huuuuge Unicorn soft plushie. I’m talking Shetland Pony size! So she’s very much for this these days. Something to add to the Christmas list… not that it needs to get bigger really…hehe

The BIG Competition!

You don’t want to miss Halford’s current ongoing competition!

We and YOU have a chance of winning up to £2,000 worth of goodies! The 1st price is a 7 night holiday with Eurocamp, who is a leading outdoor holiday provider. I love travelling, so I’ve entered! There are over 180 parks to choose from across Europe. I’ve also never been ‘Eurocamping’ – so that could be fun! Apparently, you live in quality mobile homes and/or safari tents. There’s also AirCon which is a must for me! haha, and you also have an outdoor area and decking. It sounds really fun and adventurous. Crossing fingers we are lucky! hehe

The closing date for the competition is 22nd of November – so don’t miss it!!


Take Your Car For A FREE Halfords Winter Check!



Another important thing I wanted to mention is that they are currently offering winter service for our cars, which is quite important. Especially now with the ever constant changing weather!

10-point check with antifreeze change and Duxback windscreen treatment

Get Your Winter Service!

They will check:

  1. Cooling system
  2. Battery
  3. Starter motor and charging system
  4. Ancillary drive belts
  5. Lights
  6. Wiper blades
  7. Windscreen wash and antifreeze levels
  8. Tyres
  9. Air con
  10. Oil level

Definitely worth a look!