NEW Extended Rear Facing Car Seats Coming 2017/2018!


2017 has been a good year for car seats, we’ve had a good amount of new car seats come out as well as there now being news about Britax giving us both some new releases as well as upgrades to current ERF seats!

Wonderful is not a word that covers how happy I am at this point! Now I just wish that Britax will actually ask their social media team to fully jump on this and keep promoting the new car seats and new versions of the older car seats…because we’re feeling a little bit left out here with all this nonsense promotion of their Triofix iSize which is a forward facing car seat from 15 months…

I posted on Facebook when I found it, so what I feel about that is very much covered there…in a small rant…

In other words, I am not very happy with their current promos… I’m also cringing from some of the emails I’ve had recently which has contained a promo for this car seat by other retailers…

Why? Well because Britax KNOWS that rear facing is the safest way for any child under age 4 to travel – they actually even mention this on their website – but they have still chosen to produce a ‘forward facing only’ car seat that follows the new regulation R129. The whole point of this new regulation is to keep children rear facing for longer.

It makes 0 sense to me that any car seat manufacturer starts making forward facing only car seats for a 15-month-old baby… and it’s never going to be something we will agree on.

Welcome to the car seat world… a lot of the time it feels like I’ve entered politics on a high level…just sayin’…

But enough of that, let’s focus on the really big and wonderful new launches, shall we? 

Britax launches:

‘Britax Multitech III’

Your first reaction right now is probably the question; “What on earth is the Britax MT III? Never heard of it…” right?

Go further, safer, longer
The versatile MULTI-TECH III enables extended rearward facing travel from 9 kg up to 25 kg, with the option for forward facing installation. The adjustable headrest and harness, and adjustable width positions allow the seat to grow with your child. With installation indicators and optimum side impact protection, the MULTI-TECH III gives parents total safety reassurance.

Well, it’s the new version of the MT 2 (goes without saying…) which was the upgraded version of the MT I… (at least they are consistent with the name).

The MT III has some new features which the old MT2 doesn’t have: 

  •  MULTI-TECH III now features SICT for superior side impact protection.
  • New and improved covers in several colours
  • Adjustable width positions

All in all, I’m very very happy with the new MT3! It looks really lush and I can’t wait to have a play with it.


‘Britax Dualfix iSize’

Oh yes! The very popular Britax Dualfix has now been upgraded to iSize. It looks really lush and it’s got some upgrades since last time.

Turn every trip into something special
DUALFIX i-SIZE is the most flexible option for your child – from birth to 4 years (105 cm). The seat with 360 degree rotation offers ultimate comfort for parents and children and can be used rearward facing as well as forward facing. Plus, thanks to the lateral rotation to the open car door, placing and harnessing your child is child’s play. All combined with a stylish and modern design and our expertise in child car safety – for your peace of mind on any journey.


@Regranned from @diekindersitzprofis – Der neue @britaxroemer #Dualfix i-Size in der tollen Farbe Wine Rose. Der Dualfix wurde von Grund auf überarbeitet und lässt sich jetzt noch einfacher drehen. Die Überrollplatte ist verstellbar, so dass Ihr Euren Kindern mehr Beinfreiheit gönnen könnt und auch die #Sicherheit des Sitzes wurde noch erhöht. Noch mehr Komfort für das Kind und mehr Schutz beim Seitenaufprall dank SICT inside. Statt der 4 Positionen beim Klassiker hat der Dualfix i-Size 6 Ruhe- bzw. Sitzpositionen. Besonders praktisch: Die 360°_Drehfunktion, dank der auch Kinder in Zwei- und Dreitürern super in den Sitz gesetzt und wieder herausgehoben werden können. Übrigens: Dieser #Kindersitz ist made in Germany. Zugelassen für Kinder von 40 bis 105 cm bis zu einem Gewicht von 18 kg. Als #Reboarder und auch vorwärtsgerichtet verwendbar, wir empfehlen jedoch, den Sitz grundsätzlich bis zum Ende der Nutzungsdauer rückwärts zu lassen.

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The Dualfix iSize has some new features which the old Dualfix doesn’t have:

  • New adjustable rebound bar! You can now adjust the rebound bar (which also has a completely new design) up to 8 degrees. This allows you to easily adjust the rebound bar to the backrest of the vehicle seat and gives your child 10% of additional leg space.
  • New V-Shaped headrest
  • Improved design of the base


‘Britax Swingfix i-Size’ 

i-Size (ECE R129), 40 cm – 105 cm, 18kg max weight

Coming October? 2018

I’m afraid I don’t know much about the new Swingfix car seat from Britax. I wasn’t able to go to Kind und Jugend this year (which really really irked me as it was an important year with so many new seats!). If I had been – you can bet your car seats I would have known far more! hehe

However, after investigating the Britax Sweden website I did find it! They do have it on the website with all the info – but since the UK will have a later launch than Sweden, it’s still not on the UK website.

What I do know is this:

  • 90-degree turn
  • Rear-facing ONLY & PLUS tested!
  • iSize
  • Adjustable rebound bar! You can adjust the rebound bar up to 8 degrees. This allows you to easily adjust the rebound bar to the backrest of the vehicle seat and gives your child 10% of additional leg space.
  • V-Shaped headrest

All in all, I think the Swingfix i-Size looks like a ‘rear-facing only’ version of the Dualfix i-Size. And I’m really looking forward to seeing it!


Klippan launches: 

‘Klippan Century’ 

Coming January 2018!

In 1967 the first RWF seat was launched. During these 50 years of time, we have recognized several safety-features that are important for children in car.

The Klippan Century combines history, safety and future in same package.

The seat is a RWF only seat, for children up to 25 kg.

The seat is mounted into the car by the 3P belt and lower tether straps. Century has got an adjustable load leg and front bar. With the front bar you can easily adjust the reclining of the seat.

The seat cover is easily removable for washing, and paddings can be added for increased comfort.


This is one of the big ones! Klippan hasn’t released an actual new seat for many many years! (not taking into account a design update!) So this is super exciting! We need more ERFs to 25kg AND plus tested on the market – so this is def. good news! Can’t wait to see it in January!

What we know:

  • PLUS tested
  • ‘RF only car seat’ to 25kg
  • Seatbelt install with tethers


Axkid launches:

The updated ‘Axkid Minikid’

Coming early 2018.

The new updated version of the Axkid Minikid is coming! :D  This new version of the very much loved car seat has had some tweaks and updates in line with the current car seat industry’s improved designs on car seats.

New features:

  • Reinforced side impact protection
  • Improved user-friendliness. Through improved covers that are easy to remove. In addition, belt clips and support legs have been reworked to improve the overall Axkid Minikid experience.
  • New design on headrest
  • New approvement label. The seat is now approved from 0-25kg and usable from approx. 6 months old. Not suitable for a newborn! But every Minikid now comes with the small child insert as default.
  • New covers and new colours

I’m really excited for this new version of the Minikid! And this isn’t all from Axkid! Read on for more news!


‘Axkid Minikid Isofix’

Coming early 2018.

Axkid launches their new Minikid Isofix! Approved from 0-18kg which would be usable from approx. 6 months old. Just like the updated Minikid – this new Isofix car seat also comes with the small child insert and the extra side impact protection cubes on the side!


  • Mounted with anti-rotation bar and ISOFIX
  • Plus tested?
  • Reinforced side impact protection


Renamed Axkid Wolmax – Now called ‘Move’

Axkid has decided to rename their Wolmax to Axkid Move. Exactly why I do not know – but the re-launch of the Wolmax (now called Move) is set for early 2018.

The new version of the Wolmax (now called Move..haha) has:

  • Improved side impact protection
  • New covers and colours

There might be more – but this was what I could find out atm. I haven’t seen the seat (again…extremely aggravating that I missed J&K!) so what I find out I have from other sources.

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I will write another post featuring some of the infant car seats as well as high back boosters coming! :) 

I just felt that this post was getting a bit long now – so I decided to cover the ERF seats I have seen coming in 2017/2018 in this post alone. 

I hope you are just as excited as I am for these seats to hit the shelves!!

PS: There will also be a new post on the new travel seat from Nachfolgelr!