Can’t live without it! The Car Seat Travel Bag review.

car seat travel bag review

#angelbaby car seat travel bag

If you are like me; likes to travel, has kids, probably a dog… right? Your car looks like a tip a lot of the time (yeh…you know what I mean! Biscuits!) the dog is in the back, hair everywhere!!
I feel like pulling my hair already. haha
Then you might find this review very useful. I did!

We were sent the ‘Angel Baby Car Seat Travel Bag’ for review a while ago and now I’m going to share with you what we thought about it.

Quote from manufacturer:

  • FREE BONUS SHOULDER STRAP!!! Made From DURABLE DOUBLE STRENGTH Polyester Fabric that WILL NOT TEAR! This is not typical cheap nylon car seat bag. It is built to last a LIFETIME, which is why we give you a GUARANTEE. DIMENSIONS are 34in. X 18in. X 18in. (86.4cm x 45.7cm x 45.7cm)
  • PROTECT your Car Seat Investment from dirt and germs whether you are traveling on airplanes,in the car trunk, closet, or simply storing it in the garage!
  • Polyester
  • Convenient Carrying Handle with a Drawstring Closure and adjustable lock for easy opening and closing. Water Resistant and Lightweight Fabric.
  • Large Graphics with ID Box for Name and Bright Red Color



The travel bag when you get it, comes in this nifty tiny little pocket purse, it’s so small you can fit it in your backpack, your glove compartment and so forth. It’s really helpful, especially since I don’t really need *more* stuff to take up room when I’m out and about, I really like to just chuck it in something and be gone without needing a separate bag, I’m sure you know what I mean  travel friends! 


fits in your pocket
So small it fits in your pocket!


I tested the bag on all of my car seats, from the smallest infant car seat, to the largest 1-2-3 seat, I would have tested it on my high back booster, but it is in use in the car and it’s fiddly to get it out as it’s ISOFIT so I’m afraid I had to skip that one. 


Easy to fill out I.D tag.
Easy to fill out I.D tag.

The bag comes with a name tag you can fill out so that it’s easy to I.D it. I found this extremely helpful, not that I’m planning on loosing it, but as I am going to recommend this to others or maybe I have more than one seat with me in one, I can simply also use the pocket to slip the name of the seat in or the name of the child using the seat. That way I don’t have to keep opening the bag to see what’s inside.

The travel bag also has a small carry handle for lifting.
The travel bag also has a small carry handle for lifting.

I found the carry handle to be very useful. It’s easy to just choose to grab the bag at the top if  there is room etc, but I still found that the handle gave better security when lifting. After all you really really do not want to be dropping your car seat down stairs and so forth do you? hehe (no seriously, don’t make a habit of dropping it)


The shoulder strap for easy transporting.
The shoulder strap for easy transporting.


It also comes with a shoulder strap which is on the opposite side of the carry handle. This makes the seat easy to mainly fling over your shoulder, but I also find it has its uses for wrapping around bags and such during transport. Who knew right?


Average Group 0+/1 size car seat.
Average Group 0+/1 size car seat.

Trying it on my iAnchor which is an average size 0+/1 car seat and it fitted really nice. There was still lots of bag space left so I could have stuffed it with other things as well like children’s stuffed animals for the trip hehe. I was happy it fitted with room to spare, because that means a Britax Eclipse should fit without a problem. The Eclipse is TUV approved which means you can use it on the flight. This travel bag would be perfect for protecting the seat at the airport and also carrying it around if you didn’t have a proper trolley for the seat.


car seat travel bag
Recaro 1-2-3 car seat also fits with some room to spare.

As I mentioned I also tried one of my bigger seats. This is the Recaro Young Sport car seat so bigger than your average car seat. It fitted with room to spare and it was still very simple to close up and carry.



All in all I think it’s a great product.

It does protect the seat from the environment. What it does not do however, is protect your seat from the plane’s cargo, so I would not recommend using only this when travelling if you are planning on sending the seat with luggage and not use it on the plane.
The safest way to send your car seat on a plane is in its own box and bubble-wrapped. I would however still use this cover and then put the seat in the box. 

It’s awesome for other ways of travel though, like I mentioned on the top of the post, we have a dog and the back of our car is quite hairy at times, so this will protect the seat. It also protects it from my cats when it’s in storage and it also protects it against other things while in storage as it’s made from polyester, so I do think it is good warding off damp as well, but don’t quote me on that. It’s just thoughts I have.

It will also serve you well if you take Taxis a lot or need to travel by train etc, the easy to use carrying handle and shoulder strap makes it very simple to drag along, so the excuse of not being able to drag a car seat around when you take a Taxi goes out the window with this. 
Children deserve to be protected no matter what car they are in…

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**We were sent this product for the purpose of this review by Angel Baby. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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