How To Tackle ANY Rear Facing Tether Problem!


We’ve all been there, right?

Some times getting a tether strap through the rail of the front seat in the car can be a real pain in the arse right? Well! It’s a good thing then that you found your way to this #tipoftheday because we have just solved your issue!

This tip is also awesome for anyone else who do car seat checking clinics! I would go so far as to say that they are an essential part of your kit hehe.

This tip today is brought to you by my friend Ron over at RSA Ireland – so if you are located in Ireland make sure you check out their website with their event locations!

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#Tipoftheday : Rear-Facing Tethering Hacks




Obviously, you don’t need to use all three at the same time! But using just one of them will significantly help you with the issue!

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Not sure what we’re talking about?

Fear not! We’ve all been new at this! This video from Securatot is brilliant and shows us tips on how to tether and where to tether. The video is specifically for Axkid seats – BUT the same tethering places are for all ERF seats! So if you have a different car seat – you will still be looking at the same tethering options.


But what if I can’t get through the seat or through the rail?

If you can’t get through the seat (like the driver’s seat in our Renault…annoying!) and you can’t get through the rail. You have two other options:

You can buy lower anchorage points (or you can contact your dealer because some will install them for you).
This is attached to the rail of the front seat.


You can tether to the vertical bar under your front seat if there is one.


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