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Changes to Current EU Booster Seat Law Goes Live in March

New law-backless boosters only appr. for kids 125cm tall & weight over 22kg. #CRS #law plz RT Click To Tweet

This is something that’s been discussed back and forth and it’s been circulating around the net for a little while now. However I have seen a lot of wrong info regarding this new amendment to the law – so I have taken it into my own hands by giving you the facts in what I hope is a very simple to understand way.




This change is a serious change and it’s a very positive change. I can’t for the life of me understand why it wasn’t already solely approved to Group 3!

As I’ve put in the info image – the new law makes the no back boosters/booster cushions (NBB) only approved for children over 125cm tall with a weight over 22kg.

We’re basically talking about 6 years old and up (rough statistic). It’s a good long and very needed change from the current 15kg weight minimum they have – which is a 3-year-old!!

The older cushions though that have already been approved before this is fully set in motion – will still be legal to use, they aren’t going to call them to landfill (sadly…) which means that there might still be small children on booster cushions on the school run…sigh

But it’s a good step in the right directions and at least nothing new will be produced which will make a 3-year-old able to sit on one legally.

New law-backless boosters only appr. for kids 125cm tall & weight over 22kg. #CRS #law plz RT Click To Tweet

So to sum it up…

  • Booster cushions without backrest shall only be type approved as Child Restraint Systems of Group III (22kg-36kg)
  • Booster cushions can only be used by children over 125cm tall and over 22kg in weight.
  • Comes into effect March 2017 (“old” booster cushions already on sale or sold are still legal to use for the old regulation aka. 15kg-36kg sadly)

Children must by UK law use a child car seat until they’re 12 years old or 135 centimetres tall, whichever comes first.

However every car seat safety organisation agrees that children should use an appropriate belt positioning device (like a high back booster or a booster cushion) until they are 150cm tall or can pass the ‘5 Step Test’.

The 5 step test

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As always I hope you find this helpful and that it clears up any confusion!

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from me and my family!
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