Our HuggyBelt Review

Our Huggy Belt Review


A Little Bit of HuggyBelt Info:

“The concept for the HuggyBelt was initially developed in 2009 and was primarily designed with child car protection and safety in mind. After the initial design stage a company was formed in 2011, KIDS Innovations Development Limited in order to further develop the HuggyBelt and bring the product to the market.

Over the last 2 years, the HuggyBelt has been crash-tested under rigorous ECE Car Safety Regulations R44 and successfully passed the regulation tests at the world-renowned Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) in Reading, England and at the crash testing facility of Britax in Andover, Hampshire, England. ECE R44/04 Standard Car Safety Regulations, are the industry standard for crash testing seat belts.

The belt was designed to incorporate new safety features such as a patented ISOFIX attachment. Only after the testing period and ensuring the product was of a sufficiently high quality in terms of safety, quality and value, has the Company brought the HuggyBelt to the market.”

Benefits of wearing the HuggyBelt:

The HuggyBelt is the only innovative and child safety belt currently on the market that:

    • ensures the seat belt remains on the shoulder and in the correct position.
    • allows the freedom of movement while keeping the seatbelt on the shoulder.
    • is designed to suit all types of car seats – child booster seats and child car seats.
    • is easy to fit.
    • can remain attached to the seat belt.
    • has an innovative and patented ISOFIX connection.
    • can be taken on holiday and fit almost any car when abroad.

There are other products currently out in the market that attempt to address the child safety issue but they are poorly designed, inadequate, do not address the specific issue of a child taking the seat belt off the shoulder and do not allow the freedom of movement when restrained by the product.


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Product website: huggybelt.com



Competition end:  2nd April 2017


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