Did You Know You Can Disconnect the Foot Prop ? [Concord Reverso]

Concord reverso Plus leg removal Tip


You can indeed disconnect the ‘leg’ on the Concord Reverso (Plus)! 

And what a joy it was when I discovered it! haha

I was told by someone else who had the seat that they needed a new seat for their travels because the Reverso they had wouldn’t fit back in the box. You see when  you get the seat in the box – the leg is disconnected and you have to physically put it in. This isn’t hard at all and is very quick to do – but once the leg is there the seat can no longer stand flat on the floor and also will not be able to fit back in the box. You could of course buy a huge box to put it in – but I though that was a bit ‘meh’, hence me trying to figure out how to evict the leg…

I think I spent about 2h struggling with it until I actually figured it out. Which is not good haha – but alas I did manage to figure it out. Along with my husband, I guess credit due right? It was after all he who solved the mystery in the end. Though I think it had a little to do with him having some more force than me in his hands on turning the dam reclining knob. hehe

Please see below our small video which will hopefully help you to remove the leg on your own seat! :) 



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