My Current Top 5 Most Trending Blog Posts

top 5 most trending blog posts

top 5 most trending blog posts


[Safety alert! Discontinued/Don’t Buy child car seat!] 

In October 2014 I wrote an article about the ‘Babystart Multi-Recline Group 0/1’ car seat and the terrible test result it had done at ADAC. During crash testing the shoulder harness was ripped from the car seat and the child test dummy went flying. Sadly this car seat is still in use by some people so I would urge you to please share the post high and wide.

The blog post is currently one of my top 5 popular posts with a good 12,307 page views so far and going.


[Joie I-Anchor – The Review!]

We have been lucky enough to be selected as one of Joiebaby’s product testing family and in July of 2014 they sent us the then new Joie i-Anchor car seat to test and review. To this day it’s a very popular seat as it’s very compact and easy to move. It’s also iSize and was one of the first iSize car seats on the market.
If you would like to check it out just hit the link. Also be sure to check out my full list of reviews located HERE.

My review of the seat has helped a ton of families who are new to ERF and with its 8,403 page views so far it’s still going strong!


[Joie Stages – ‘Too short seatbelt syndrome’ fixed Guide]

Following on in October 2014 I wrote an article covering how to actually install your Joie Stages car seat when you have short seat belts.
The picture guide is made by Joiebaby themselves and was given to me (and is widely available) but the blog post also covers tips on how to get a good car seat install and what to look for.

With its current 5,683 page views so far and going, it deserves a place on my Top 5 list.


[What do you mean “too old to breastfeed”?]

One of the subjects that are close to my heart is breast-feeding, and with it natural weaning. This post was actually written as a response to a (surprise!..not) Facebook subject that keeps coming up in different “mummy groups” as well as in the media. It’s well worth a read and contains good factual data as well as my huffing and puffing over today’s society, who can resist that right?

With it’s 1,943 page views so far, it seems it’s still a hot topic.


[Is Your Child Escaping the Car Seat Harness?]

Any parent’s worst nightmare is an escape artist. But what most parent’s might not be aware of, is how dangerous it actually is when your child is not wearing their harness correctly, maybe not even wearing it at all. This is a subject that is very popular and one of the most popular problems parents I help have. It gave me the inspiration to write a blog post about it where I explain and show you, why this is so dangerous but also give you solutions to the problem.

With it’s 1,352 page views so far since May, it deserves a place on this list.




So that’s it, my current most trending post. I hope you enjoy this little post and found it useful. Later I might shed some light on the posts who are currently not getting near enough  traffic and is starting to feel lonely.

Before you leave though don’t forget to check out my Pages at the very top of the page for tons of useful info!

I’ll see you soon lovelies. Buckle up and drive safe!

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