How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Prepare your car for winter

Cold weather presents certain challenges for drivers and it is essential that you prepare your car for winter so that the vehicle can cope with the season’s demands on its parts and equipment.  Clint from Crystal Motors believes that preparing your vehicle for winter should be one of your biggest priorities in the run-up to the season.

When winter arrives, you will want to be certain that your car is capable of dealing with everything that is thrown at it. Here is a crucial checklist to make sure that you do not get caught out.

Check exterior lights

You should check and clean your exterior lights regularly, particularly during winter. Try to remember to carry extra bulbs in case of failure!

Check screen wash

You will, no doubt, be spending a lot of time using your windscreen wipers as the weather worsens. Always remember to top up your screen wash otherwise you run the risk of smearing grime across your windscreen.

Check antifreeze

As the name suggests, antifreeze prevents the water in your engine’s cooling system from freezing up. It is important to check that this function is working and to do this you will need an antifreeze tester, which will only set you back about £5.

Check car battery

There is no worse sound than the groan of your car when you turn the key in its ignition and the battery is dead. The likelihood of your battery being on its last legs is very high if it is struggling to start your car. If you have the right equipment, you can test the battery yourself, or if not, speak to a specialist.

Professional winter car checks

You can always ask a professional to prepare your car for the winter season if you do not have the time or resources to do it yourself. Many car dealers and car repair shops can do this for a reasonable price.