Texting And Driving: Why The Campaign Against It Is So Important To Everyone’s Safety

texting and driving

We all love our cell phones and the evolving technology; I mean carrying your own personal computer around is pretty amazing. But our addiction to this device is not only causing life-threatening dangers to us, but to others as well. Let’s accept it when our cell phone’s ring goes off, we are always tempted to slide our hands off the steering wheel, put our eyes off the road, and grab it immediately.

Surely, attending a call while driving is bad, but texting while driving is worse. Texting while driving makes you take your eyes off the road and distracts your mind. You may start with sliding off only one hand from the steering wheel thinking you are capable enough to drive with one hand. But you never even realize when your other hand slides off too. Therefore, it is very important to campaign against this danger.

Nearly 1.3 million people die every year due to road crashes, horrific. Though texting whilst driving is not the only cause of road crashes, there are many other factors, additionally keeping the car in the best possible shape is another effort drivers and car owners can do to try and improve on road safety. This not only prevents any breakdowns but to also limit the potential cause of wear and tear so that any unexpected events will not occur whilst driving. A car service is the best investment to do for the running and maintenance of the car not only for the safety of yourself but others as well.

Most of the accidents do occur due to distracted driving (“Each day in the United States, approximately 9 people are killed and more than 1,000 injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver”). Think for yourself, do you ever really want to be responsible for a road accident, which could cause injuries to people on the road? The next time you find your phone’s ring tempting while driving, don’t let it overpower you. Instead, keep the following 4 reasons in your mind as to why you shouldn’t answer any calls or texts while driving.


  1. Your Passengers Are Your Responsibility
    When you cater your phone’s ping while driving, you do not consider the fact that you are not only risking your life, but also the lives of your passengers. You are responsible for your passengers’ safety, so do not ignore it.

  2. Don’t Be A Threat To Other Motorists
    Drive sensibly not for your own good but for others on the road as well. If you are unable to steer on the road because you are busy looking down on your phone, you are risking the lives of other drivers and their passengers. An accident on a busy road can cause a ripple effect and trigger many other accidents. All this happened just because you couldn’t wait to read the text. Well, think about it next time your message tone rings.

  3. Consider The Pedestrians
    A vehicle on the road is noticeable owing to its noise, but what about pedestrians. How would you know if a pedestrian is coming toward your vehicle? If your mind is not alert and your eyes are not on the road, you are endangering the lives of innocent pedestrians too. Imagine, while texting you immediately notice a car coming toward you and you take a sharp turn to save yourself from that car, but hit a pedestrian on the turn. The idea alone is haunting.

  4. You Can Always Pull Over
    I understand that sometimes answering a call or returning a text immediately can be very important. It could be related to an emergency in your family or something urgent related to your work. But all this would never justify turning to your phone while driving. If the text or call is extremely vital, find a good spot and just pull over.


Hands on the wheel. Eyes on the road. Be safe. Let others stay safe.