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Spring is coming out for full! It’s been an amazing few weeks now here at home and the temperature has been really nice with up to 20 degrees!

Not bad considering it’s only April still right?
I swear it feels like I’m on holiday sometimes, well if I take away the laundry… any mess… my problems with finding a whole pair of shoes (because in our house we have a house elf..), generally if I just ‘photoshopped’ my house I would be on vacation for real. haha

Speaking of vacations we are looking into going abroad this summer! And we are actually pondering whether or not it will be cheaper if we drive… we would then be driving from England to our family in Norway…
Some might think this is nuts, but I’ve done car vacations in the past and have had some wonderful times on the road as a child, so I’m going to look forward to it quite a lot I think if our dreams come true.


This brings me to the topic of today’s new blog post…

Which is car games! We have been lucky enough to review a new product – Printable Car Games, which is completely free. I am going to leave you a link at the bottom where you can get to it.

The parcel as received in the post.
The parcel as received in the post.

Our parcel contained:

  • Disney classics CD
  • Packet of crayons
  • Plastic folder
  • Clipboard
  • Several printouts of the 5 different games offered

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Children's names

It’s a small thing, but to see the children’s names hand written on the plastic folder, was such a sweet gesture. It really made a positive impression on me and moved me quite a lot.

It was such a lovely day on Sunday, so we set out to one of our local Nature Parks, we also needed to do some shoe shopping and Brantano isn’t local so that helped hehe.


In full focus
In full focus!


The moment I gave them the games, it was full focus! haha
I was given a soft clipboard as well, which helps hold the paper still and also gave a hard background to draw on. My only concern here is that it would become a potential projectile in the event of a crash.

Team work
Team work


The games are marked as suitable for age range 4-12 years.

Caitlyn Anabelle is 4 and a bit so she was on the lower end of the age range, but she still found it very- very fun!
Zacharias is 10 going on 11 so he is then on the upper part, he also found it fun, but this particular day he preferred to read a book hehe.

The top hit of the games was definitely the ‘Traffic Jam’.  Caitlyn finished about 3 of them on our trip haha.






Another favourite was the ‘Consequences’ game.

The purpose here is to each draw in a box the rest of the body etc of the alien or whatever has a head already drawn on the paper.
The first time they did it they had quite a laugh, they also, of course, being siblings… fought over who was drawing where and goodness gracious if one was outside the line and into the other person’s box!




After a while, Caitlyn decided that it was time to give the ‘monster’ teeth….

raaawwwr scary monster!

She might have overdone it don’t you think? :D

That’s..a lot..of teeth. :p


There was also a CD in our parcel! 

This made me especially happy since it meant I didn’t have to listen to “green bottle song!!!!” for a bit. :p
My smalls have an obsession with the song ’10 green bottles sitting on the wall’ these days and have had for quite some time now, and it’s the only one they want every time we get in the car!!

So finally getting to put on a Disney CD full of classics was a relief, to say the least! haha

Clear favourites were:

  • Under The Sea – Little Mermaid
  • Hakuna Matata – Lion King
  • Heigh-Ho – Snow White
  • Whistle While You Work – Snow White
  • The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers – Winnie the Pooh
  • Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah – Song of the South
  • Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf – Three Little Pigs
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – Mary Poppins


What was our experience with the car games?

All in all, it was a brilliant day out and the kids loved the games! It was something a little new for them, generally, we only listen to CDs etc, so I was quite happy with how much especially Caitlyn loved the games.

We found that the ‘Car Search’ was a bit hard, so we changed it to the colour of cars instead of make, hehe. This worked very well and even Henry could join in.

The ‘Car Bingo’ was a great idea, and the kids spent ages trying to find stuff.

The small person got tired so while we were stopped in the parking lot, he took a nap and Caitlyn kept drawing!


And Zacharias kept reading his book…



Download it!

If you think this looks like something your kids would enjoy (and I’m sure you do!) you can download it and print it out for FREE over at ‘icarhireinsurance’.

Link:  www.icarhireinsurance.com/travel-games


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We received this package from Blogging edge to review for icarhireinsurance.com

Thoughts and opinions are my own.




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