The Twisted Harness – And How To Fix It! (Guide)

One of my biggest annoyances when buckling the kids up in their car seats – is when the car seat harness strap(s) twist themselves!

I bet we’ve aaaaallll been there….. And it’s also got this sickening habit of happening when you really really…really… need to be somewhere… or when it’s raining cat’s and dogs… 

Today it happened again, though thankfully my seats aren’t prone to this problem, but there are def. some seats that are. I don’t know what exactly it is that makes some better than others at not twisting, but it’s got to be the design. he he
So when it happened today I suddenly got a moment where I felt like shouting EUREKA! But instead I sat down and edited the pictures and made this guide down below for you.

I hope  you find it helpful, and if you already know this method, feel free to use my guide to visualize for someone else!
Just make sure my info stays on it! x 






 Download the PDF:


I also have a “PostIT” free version he he, but this is the internet and I like to make sure what I take the time to make stays mine.  


If you have any tips you want featured or have any thing you want me to cover, general questions about this and that feel free to either e-mail me at: or just leave a comment below. 

Have a wonderful weekend! x0x

NB: Remember that a safe harness is a snug untwisted harness! You can read more about the harness <HERE>




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