My Thoughts On Kiddicare’s Current Bank Holiday SALE Event


Today I got an email from Kiddicare with news of their current super bank holiday sale event. It featured 25% off on selected car seats! Woohoo, I thought…  This can only be a good thing! Surely THIS YEAR they have started putting up ERF seats in these deals yeh? No… not really…sigh

Though I do admit that I was positively surprised to see some good seats on sale for which I will recommend (a list will be further down on the post so keep reading!), there is still a very big lack of ERF seats being on ‘SALE’ or ever really mentioned. As a matter of fact, I find the Kiddicare website to be extremely hard to even find ERF seats on – because they don’t actually have a designated ‘Extended Rear Facing Car Seats’ section on the website. So just in case you are reading this ‘Kiddicare’ I strongly advise you to fix this!

It’s very important to have the car seats in the correct places – and I’m very happy to say that ‘Kiddicare’ do stack more than one ERF seat to 25kg – but you just can not find them on the website! I found the Diono Radian 5 – but by chance only. It was hidden in the “birth to 18kg” tab…. which is completely misplaced as it’s a “birth to 25kg” car seat, but what’s even sadder is that if you click on it it’s ‘unavailable’/’sold out’.

I do hope though that they will get this seat back and that it’s genuinely just that it’s sold out – and not a website fault spotting it there.

But enough of that – as I said there were a few seats, not all ERF, but some good high back boosters as well – that are currently on sale during this event. And I thought I would mention the ones I have picked out and would personally recommend!


High Back Boosters


A couple of these seats didn’t have a SALE tag on them – but are still very good seats and good budget so I put them on the list.

ERF Seats

These were sadly not in the sale. Again, it frustrates me that ERF seats are not being prioritized in SALES! But still very good car seats and for a good price.

Because Kiddicare do not have any ERF seats in their own range, and no “character” car seat is an ERF seat, I would not recommend them. It would simply make no sense to me to recommend them as they don’t offer the best protection for the children in the fact that they are not ERF. The high back booster range is affordable – but you can get better in the links I have provided who have done better in crash testing, so it makes more sense to me to provide you with good alternatives.


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