Debunking Myths #2 – “Children can’t get in/out of an ERF seat!”

Debunking Myths 2

It’s time to DEBUNK another Extended Rear Facing Myth!  On of the very popular myths of ‘ERF’ is that it’s difficult to get in and/or out of an extended rear facing car seat. I’m not sure exactly why this myth came to be – I can only assume it’s because people assume it to beRead more

My Response to Netmums’ Article on Extended Rear Facing Car Seats

Netmums’ Article on Extended Rear Facing Car Seats Today I came across an article published by Netmums called ‘Extended rear-facing car seats – the facts’. I think it’s brilliant that Netmums are focusing on the importance of extended rear facing, and that they wish to make parents aware of this. They are such a hugeRead more

ERF Seats & Prices

RF car seats and prices

Last updated: 13/02/2017            Minikid – RF 25kg – Belt- £295 (PLUS Tested)          Kidzone – RF 25kg/FF 18kg – Belt – £325          Duoplus – RF 25kg/FF 18kg – Belt and Isofix – £365 Rekid – RF 18kg using isofix/RF 25 kg using seatRead more