Diono Monterrey 2 Car Seat Review

We love Diono Monterey 2 | A Rear Facing Family
We were lucky enough to be chosen as a test family this Autumn holiday by Diono, for the Diono Monterey 2 high back booster!
Here’s what the kids thought about the seat. x


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I am going to put up a full review of the seat in a couple of weeks after we’ve used it some more, but so far we really really like it! It’s super comfy, very sturdy. It’s also the biggest high back booster on the market! So def. something  you want to invest in if you have tall kids!
Henry is actually not tall enough by a few CM to use the seat on the lowest setting (You see him testing it in the video), Caitlyn is using it on the 3rd setting up.