What happened when the blog went offline?

Today has NOT been a good day for me… but I am happy to at least say that the blog is back up again after a major fck up from my self, totally my own fault and it’s just one of those things where you just have to take the experience as a learned lesson and never EVER do it again.

I apologise for the longevity of the offline status of the blog – but in the end I had to have my very IT knowledgeable hubby to handle the situation with my hosting for me as I was completely stuck.


Because of an error - I have lost ALL CONTENT on my blog from Jan 9th 2016 - March 30th 2016.I can not get it back as there is no back-up. Please please bear with me as I try to


Earlier today I literally wanted to just crawl under a rock and cry my heart out because I saw 5 years of my life’s work go down the drain.

It was gone.

ALL my content.

ALL of my blog was gone earlier today.

It’s now back, but sadly I was unable to recover all the content. Because of this, content posted (and changes made to my site) after Jan. 9th 2016 is currently no longer available. That’s sadly just how it had to be – they didn’t have any data after that saved for me, but again – I’ll take that over not having anything at all!!

I just want to once again apologise for this.

I am working on getting the most important stuff back up – I can see my posts on Facebook so that does help with my memory hehe, but I’m going to have to re-write content etc and it’s going to take some time, so please bear with me.


I don’t know what I would have done if my hubby wasn’t able to speak IT language with my hosting company (he is an IT developer person thingie…I have no idea what it’s called! lol but he works in IT etc) – which is one of the main things that helped this mess get resolved. In the end I did end up having to “pay dearly” for my mistake, not just in actual cash because there was a hefty fee to retrieve my files, but also because this is my life, my work, my everything. I have so much time invested in this and it’s also an important part of my job, so to lose it all….would have been devastating to put it mild.  :'(

I hope you will still continue to read my blog and bear with me while I try to get the lost content back up. It’s going to take a little while – a few weeks at least as I will have to re-write everything, and some will not be put up as I’ll look at the most important stuff.

I am also aware that I have guest-posts that I will have to re-publish because of all this, and I ask you to please email me if you can not see your guest post which has previously been published. I will of course do my best to make sure I don’t miss any of you during my repair – but as I’m only human I sometimes do mistakes.


Thank you so much for bearing with me through this, I hope you will still find my blog helpful and informative. Luckily there shouldn’t be too much content missing (but I don’t know yet!). I am crossing my fingers!


Therese has completed the ‘Advanced Child Car Seat Training Course’ at TRL (Transport Research Lab) and is a CPD accredited car seat expert. She blogs about in-car safety, car seats, tips, reviews, giveaways and advice. She’s a mum on a mission to change the law and raise awareness. She is also a breastfeeding advocate and gentle parenting promoter who loves cloth nappies, baby-wearing, BLW and co-sleeping/bed-sharing.