What You Need to Know: Car Seat Crash Testing [Part 1]

car seat crash testing

When out shopping for car seats you could be forgiven for thinking that “a car seat is a car seat, they have all passed the same testing, surely no one is better than the other one?”. Other than for cosmetic reasons, there is little difference between spending £25 on a car seat and spending say £225, right?

The truth is, car seats are not all the same, there is potentially a massive difference between them and the protection they offer!

This is taken out of my latest article on car seat crash testing, part 1 of a 2 part series. It is published over at Yummymummysworld.com .

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car seat crash testing



Therese has completed the ‘Advanced Child Car Seat Training Course’ at TRL (Transport Research Lab) and is a CPD accredited car seat expert. She blogs about in-car safety, car seats, tips, reviews, giveaways and advice. She’s a mum on a mission to change the law and raise awareness. She is also a breastfeeding advocate and gentle parenting promoter who loves cloth nappies, baby-wearing, BLW and co-sleeping/bed-sharing.